The next part of this two week series is about getting up from the floor. You've already learned about kneeling, standing at attention and lowering yourself with grace. Stick around, we have a lot to learn.

If you've ever watched Memoirs of a Geisha you have seen how graceful it can be to rise from the floor, appealing and smooth to go from the floor to a standing position. We are going to try to do that today. When a Dominant asks you to get up from the floor,  it would be a compliment to him if you could do it with fluid grace. You might be expected to do it a certain way. My Master likes to see my ass as I get up, so I've altered the way I get up just for him. You may find your own pleasing way.

Try It

Okay, now get down on the floor. You can kneel as you've learned or just sit cross legged. Now try to get up without a lot of clumsiness. How did it look? Did you use your hands to help you up? Did you pivot to one side or the other? Perhaps you wobbled? If it was graceful then you've luckily aced it.

Learn It

So we might have work to do. Get down on your knees. It's easier to start that way anyhow. There are two ways to go about this. One requires a lot of leg strength and the other is easier. Remember to keep grace and fluidity in mind.

The Easy

From the kneeling position, lift one leg up till you can place your foot down. Keep your hands in whatever position you had them in for kneeling. Now slowly and powerfully lift yourself up using the foot you have on the floor until you can place both feet on the floor. If you wobble, that's okay; it will get better with practice. Go down to the floor using the method you learned yesterday. Keep trying until you are happy with the way it looks and feels.

The Hard

From the floor, you have to get to kneeling first. If you are sitting cross legged you need to slide your legs to one side and using your opposite hand lift yourself up to kneeling; slowly and carefully. If you can do this, you can move to the easy steps to get yourself up off the floor.

How'd We Get Here?

Now that we can get up off the floor we have reached the end of the basic movements we need. You can kneel, stand attentively and both raise and lower yourself. You've made the progression well. Continue to practice these steps until you can do them without much thought or effort. If you'd like to review what we've learned so far, take a look below at the links in the series so far.