Learn Better Ways to Process Pain in Play for More Fulfilling and Rewarding BDSM Scenes

Pain Play for Everyone is a complete guide to understanding the body’s methods for pain processing. Knowing how your body responds to pain will help you get you to accept the sensations, break down the walls keeping you from moving forward, and help you explore more of what pain play can do for your SM experiences.

Has every play session ended before you want it to, or you feel like you wimp out because you can’t process any more pain?

Have you ever wanted to know what is the best way to process pain during play that will work for you?

That’s what Pain Play For Everyone is all about. It’s the complete step-by-step guide for learning about the hormone cocktail that is responsible for your reactions to painful sensations and the positive and negative ways we process pain.

The Key to Better Pain Processing is Understanding Your Body’s Responses

This book is written for bottoms who engage in all varieties of play that involve experiencing pain, no matter your experience level.

I’ll show you how to learn a new pain processing method that will work for you and you will have more rewarding BDSM sessions than ever before.

What’s Inside?

  • The hormone cocktail that is responsible for how we process pain.
  • Learn how to negotiate scenes for better pain processing that will provide more fulfilling and rewarding scenes.
  • Explore the positive and negative ways we process pain and learn how you currently process pain.
  • Identify what can interfere with your pain processing and keep you from getting what you want out of play.
  • Learn the combination of techniques that have proven to be the best way to process pain during play.
  • A step-by-step guide to a new pain processing technique that will work for you to get you over the false edge you’ve been stuck at for so long.

No matter your reasoning for why you submit to pain play, being able to expand your ability to process pain and move through pain in a healthy and productive way is a great benefit. Pick it up today!

What People are Saying…

“I love this book! I devoured it once I started reading and was sad when it ended! Luna has packed this book full of amazing tips to help masochists learn how to process pain in better ways. I do not regret buying this book at all and will suggest this book to anyone who has questions about how to process pain during play.”

--Tequila Rose

“This was a book written with obvious first-hand knowledge, and it provided an intimate view of the different ways a sub could process pain. I especially like the analyses of good, positive techniques versus bad, negative techniques. If you're interested in more than kinky and you're looking to delve deeper into the lifestyle, I recommend this title.”



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