We have covered standing and kneeling so far in the positions project here at Submissive Guide. Today we will cover going from standing to kneeling in a graceful way. It's not as easy as you think.

First you have to pick out one kneeling posture and one standing posture from the previous posts. This way you know how you are starting and where you are ending up. Keep this in mind as you perform the task today. For simplicity I am going to use a general standing with arms at your sides, folding to a kneeling with arms resting on thighs.

Alright so get up where you are and stand. Now just kneel. How did it look? Did you have to use your hands on the floor to help you down? Did you pivot to the side? Did you look down to the floor? What else did you notice? Was it graceful? Was it smooth or clunky?

Now what we need to do is find what you did wrong to make it more appealing and graceful. No one is perfect. Don't expect perfection at first. I still can't lower myself gracefully but I try at it and I still please my Master for trying. You can do it too.

The Challenge

  1. Take the standing position you picked and stand at attention. Feel comfortable in the position before beginning to move.
  2. Start to lower yourself to the kneeling position.
    1. Take it slow.
    2. Try not to tip sideways, bend at the waist more than 30%, keep your eyes up and don't put your hands down first.
    3. You can lower to one knee first and then move the other or if able, drop to both knees at the same time. But don't just drop! Make it a controlled lowering.
  3. Take the kneeling position you picked and pose. Make yourself comfortable in the kneel.

Practice this for at least 10 minutes until you feel that you have improved in grace and fluidity of movement.

Tomorrow we will be practicing how to rise from the floor gracefully.