This is a continuation of the ongoing project for submissive positions here at Submissive Guide. Today we will cover bowing and curtsying.

Every culture has a different way to show respect and acknowledge a title holding member of their society. I believe most of them us a form of bow or curtsy to honor that respect. Yes, bowing is also employed in theater curtain calls but what I'd like to focus on here is the purpose of the bow or curtsy as it applies to D/s. When asked or directed to show respect to your Dominant it is likely that a bow or curtsy will fit the bill.

Do you know how to bow or curtsy? Is it comfortable for you to do? Today's task is to learn how to bow and curtsy correctly and smoothly for any situation.

The European Bow

  1. Put your left hand behind your back, bent at the elbow and resting at about your waist.
  2. Take your hat (if you are wearing one) in your right hand by the brim.
  3. Bring your right hand to your waist, bent at the elbow while you tip your upper body forward. (the lower you bend, the more respect you show)
  4. Keep your eyes lowered, do not raise your chin to keep eye contact.
  5. Straighten your back and drop your hands.
  6. Either tuck your hat under your left arm or replace it on your head, depending on your circumstances.

The Asian Bow

  1. Bring your hands flat to your sides.
  2. Bow your head and shoulders forward with eyes lowered.

If the person is higher status or older than you are, you should bow deeper and longer. It is polite to bow, bending from your waist. Men usually keep their hands in their sides, and women usually put their hands together on their thighs with their fingers touching. If it is a casual situation, you can bow like nodding. The most frequent bow is a bow of about 15 degrees.


  1. Lower your head. This makes you appear vulnerable. This initial position was the origin of the curtsy.
  2. Place both your hands on the sides of your skirt and hold it out sideways. If your skirt is too narrow, then hold your hands out to the side, palms upward.
  3. Extend one foot behind the other, bend both legs at the knee and bend your head and shoulders slightly forward.
  4. Gracefully bring yourself back to your original position.

Bend your knees outward, rather than forward, for a more formal curtsy.

Curtsy for those of a higher social status. Reserve a deep curtsy for when you meet royalty in European cultures. This is called a court curtsy and is more elaborate. The curtsy is deeper, and you can sink to the floor or go down on one knee.

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