Don’t Enter into a D/s Relationship Before You Know What You Need and Want

As a submissive, being unsure of what you want and need can lead to incompatibility, hesitation and less fulfilling relationships.

Get the tools you need to figure out what is important to you in a D/s relationship no matter your experience level!

A Submissive’s Guide to Wants and Needs will step you through how to distinguish wants and needs for a more fulfilling life and successful D/s relationships.

What do we cover in this eBook?

In this eBook, definitions of wants and needs are broken down into their basic parts so that you can really narrow down what is a priority to you, then explore ways to talk to your partner about your needs.

  1. Break down why it’s so hard to accept that getting what we need isn’t greedy, selfish or wrong.
  2. Use helpful prompts to uncover your needs.
  3. Pinpoint your essential needs and values that drive you.
  4. Organize and prioritize your wants and needs with the included worksheet.
  5. Explore need deficits and why we often go through life with unmet needs.
  6. Learn how to talk about your wants and needs within a D/s relationship while maintaining a submissive attitude.
  7. Build a working vocabulary for asking for what you want with respect and deference.
  8. Understand what options there are if you still aren’t getting your needs met.

Are you ready to start living a more authentic submissive life by accepting and sharing your personal needs and desires?


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