If you get 2 submissives in a room together and it's very likely that a discussion will take place about their Dominant partners. We sure love to talk about them, don't we?

I can't tell you how many times I've talked about KnyghtMare at the Submissive Forum. It's usually with pride and love that he comes to the forefront of discussion. He has guidelines for what I'm allowed to talk about when it comes to my talking with other people.  It makes good common sense.

Throughout this series, we've learned about some of the ways we can be courteous and respectful and show deference when we speak, but today I want to talk about knowing when not to say anything. There are some topics that are inappropriate even in our BDSM circles that we should respect. Gossip is a negative breeding ground for strife and drama. It's unnecessary and really bad for a group or social situation. If you gossip or are prone to be gossiped to, make today the day you stop it in its tracks.  A phrase that I have said on many occasions when gossip is presented to me would work for you too, "I don't think we should be talking about someone who can't defend themselves." I've also had to tell someone, "I'm not into gossip."

Sure, if it means people talk to me less about the "did you hear's" and "guess what happened" then that's fine. So, help me ladies and gents. Below is a list of topics that I could think of things you shouldn't talk about with other submissives when it comes to our partners and our relationships.

What would you add to the list? I want to know!

  • Never speak ill of your Owner, unless there are legal issues or the slave is in physical danger.
  • Never speak ill of another slave's Owner, if you see something inappropriate go directly to your Owner and speak with him or her.
  • Never discuss your Owner's finances or lack there of.
  • Never make fun of your Owner.
  • Never discuss your Owner as such with anyone outside the lifestyle.
  • Never discuss anything that will embarrass or dishonor your Owner.

The last installment in the series will cover another important part of speech - our tone. Come back to read that one and conclude the series with me.