Create a working long-distance or online D/s relationship through technology

The internet is a gateway for many submissives wishing to explore BDSM and power exchange relationships. If you are looking to engage in a long-distance relationship with someone, online tools are your friend.

In this book, I will help you learn how to create a personal ad that gets results, what to do once you’ve started connecting with a Dominant, and the tools and ideas you can use to make your D/s relationship intimate and connected, even if meeting each other isn’t possible.

Embrace All of the Tools You Can Use to Make Your Submission Online Fulfilling and Satisfying

Did you know that there are more tools available to help your relationship blossom online than ever before? Gone are the days of SMS texting, text-based chat rooms, and shady webcam applications! Develop connection and intimacy through more technology, providing instant access to your partner and in many cases, opportunities for sex play wirelessly!

This is the perfect book for anyone interested or currently engaged in exploring BDSM or submission through online methods, whether that be smartphone apps or computer chat rooms and dating sites!

Come see how you can make online submission work for you - no matter how far away your partner is. It can be like they are right there with you.


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