One of the more intimate things you can do for your Dominant partner is to help care for their body in some way. Personal grooming service is pretty popular for submissives who are into service because it allows you to get up close and personal with your Dominant. If your Dominant has facial hair, a simple and elegant form of body service is giving him a shave.

No matter what level of service you enjoy, you can provide a relaxing and intimate time for you and your partner and in the end, he’ll have a smooth shave and feel pampered. Hopefully, you’ll have a sense of fulfillment and happiness for serving in that way.

In this guide, I’ll cover how to put together three different experiences of shave service; introductory, intermediate and advanced. I will cover what supplies to have on hand, how to set the mood and adding special moments to make your shave service unique.

We’ll go over techniques to a smooth shave and how to use a safety razor and a straight edge. If those sorts of razors scare you, we’ll start with your standard multi-blade disposable razor. That’s the razor I’m currently using because I’m a klutz and KnyghtMare won’t trust me with anything else!

How I Added Shave Service to My Submission

KnyghtMare and I enjoy service and I’ve suggested a few things throughout our relationship that have become a part of our dynamic. Shaving his face manifested a bit from that and from my preference to KnyghtMare with facial hair. When I asked if he’d grow out his goatee and he said the only way he’d do that is if I started taking care of his facial hair. That was an easy yes!

Little did I know that shaving someone else was very different than shaving yourself. And once I got used to that, he and I would want to make it even more of an experience.

So, when I first started out taking care of his facial hair we stood in the bathroom and he would lean against the sink while I shaved his face. It wasn’t an experience at all, it was utilitarian and done last minute, usually after his shower. I didn’t try very hard and really it felt like a basic chore.

That was not what we were looking for.

Fast forward two years and KnyghtMare told me that he wanted to make the shaving time more of an experience, something he could relax and be pampered and I could get my service buzz going. That request turned into me researching how to give a shave, looking up what supplies were best and watching videos on YouTube about giving a straight razor shave. What came out of all that, was the experience that we enjoy now.

Setting the Mood for a Sensual Shave Service

Other than the right supplies, setting the mood so that your Dominant can relax fully and enjoy an immersive experience can be a step above. Depending on what your partner enjoys this can look different from relationship to relationship. Try to cater to your specific needs so that the shave can be a pleasant one for both of you.

First, make sure you have all of your supplies laid out where you’ll be giving the shave. I do our shave service in the kitchen because there is more space and the lighting can be controlled. It also has direct access to the microwave for the hot towel treatment and water for everything else. I have a checklist for supplies so that I don’t forget what I need and have to rush off for it in the middle of the service (I have forgotten the hand mirror more times than I care to count!) and they are all right at hand.

Select some music that he’ll enjoy. Whatever is relaxing and enjoyable. KnyghtMare likes rain sounds. If you want to bring a classic feel to the shave experience, you can play the old Crooners (Sinatra, Dean, etc), or jazz of some kind. Bring something classy and classic so you can enjoy the ritual. It’s not only relaxing it’s timeless and fits with a shaving service very well.

Do you like candles or incense? What kind of other lighting works. While the work area will need to have extra light so you can see, the atmosphere area can be anything you’d like. A couple recommended scents would be sage or patchouli.

Finally, what do you want to wear? Do you want to dress up or dress down? Shave in the nude? Sometimes how you dress can change the atmosphere too!

Special Additions

If a shaving service just isn’t enough for you, this is the perfect time to do a face massage or a hand massage, spend the time kneeling in reflection or anything else you think would make the experience that much more personal.

You can do a face massage as part of the preparation for the shave and it doesn’t have to be very long. Hand massage can be part of a manicure or not. The hot towel treatment before the shave is about 3 minutes long, and you could give them a little hand rub while that time elapses.

As you can see, there’s a lot more you can do with any body service than utilitarian basics. Make your shaving service unique, special and create an intimate moment for your Dominant. He’ll not be disappointed.

Up next, Supplies You’ll Want to Have For The Perfect Shave Experience, where we’ll cover all the supplies you may want to have on hand to enhance your shaving experience.