Now that we’ve covered the list of supplies and talked about what might be lovely additions to the shave service itself, it’s time to take you through the steps of how to give a relaxing sensual shave service that will have your Dominant craving it every single time they need a shave.

Since I do not have experience with a safety razor or straight razor, this how-to will be with the multi-blade disposable that is most commonly your own starting point for a shaving service to your Dominant. Once you have this perfected you can change to a different razor if you so choose.

The Set Up

  1. Set up your work area. Lay everything out that you’ll need access to while shaving. You don’t want to have to leave the area to seek out a missing towel or comfort item.
  2. Prepare your shaving lather according to package directions if you are using a bowl and badger brush.
  3. Open all containers so you don’t have to do so with wet, lathered or oily hands.
  4. Dress or undress as desired.
  5. Turn on the music, light the candles or incense and set the mood.
  6. Ask your partner to make himself comfortable in a chair. We use KnyghtMare’s office chair for this, so he can recline and have neck support.
  7. Cover his chest with a towel or use a salon smock if you have one. Tuck it around his shoulders to keep the hair away from him.


  1. Warm your fingertips by rubbing your hands together or running them under warm water and then drying.
  2. Caress his face with dry hands in slow circles from his temples to his neck.
    1. Make mental notes of the direction of hair growth, any blemishes you’ll want to be careful of and any areas you might need to trim with a trimmer before using a razor.
  3. Massage their face for a few minutes. It will help open up pores and soften the skin because it will draw any muscle tension away.
  4. Dampen the steam towel you’ll be using for the hot towel treatment. It should be wet but not dripping.
  5. Heat the towel in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute (oven times vary). Test the towel by holding it against the inside of your arm. It should be hot but not unbearable.
  6. Apply the towel to his face. You can drape it over the entire face, of lay the middle edge just under the nose and over the mouth and wrap up over the cheeks. Cover the entire face.
  7. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes.
  8. Gently touch your Dominant on the top of the head and tell them that you are going to remove the towel now. 2. You don’t want to startle them when they are so relaxed!
  9. Apply a pre-shave oil by gently caressing it into the beard.
  10. If you noticed you’ll need to do some trimming before the razor, this is the time to do that. 3. Use a cut guard to leave enough for the razor to get. Only trim the areas you will be shaving at this time.

The Shave

  1. Re-whip up the lather a bit with your badger brush or apply a small dollop of shave gel or cream into your palm.
  2. Using the fingers of your dominant hand, whip up the shave gel or cream into a thick fluffy consistency.
  3. Apply lather to the face in small circles to lift the hair up and away from the skin. This will make a closer shave possible.
    1. Don’t just apply lather where you can see hair. Start at the apples of the cheeks and work your way down over the chin and neck. A smooth shave means getting every hair, visible or not.
    2. Do not apply lather to areas of the face where your Dominant keeps facial hair. KnyghtMare keeps his mustache and goatee so I don’t apply lather there.
    3. Beard hair will get treated after the shave.
  4. Pick up the razor, dip in the hot water bowel and dab it on a dry towel. 4. Dabbing it on a towel prevents you from getting your Dominant all wet!
  5. Shave in the direction of hair growth first. Use firm, long strokes and rinse the razor often, dabbing it on a towel before the next pass.
  6. When you have removed all of the shaving lather, repeat steps 3-5 again but go against the direction of hair growth. This will ensure the smoothest shave possible.
  7. If you are working with facial hair use an electric razor or clippers with firm but gentle short strokes. Remember you can’t undo if you cut too much.

After the Shave

  1. Wipe down the face with a cool wet towel to remove any remaining lather or oil and errant hairs.
  2. Using the same towel you used for the hot towel, shake it vigorously, snapping it up and down in short movements. This will chill the water in the towel quickly.
  3. Apply this towel to his face the same way you did the hot towel.
  4. Wait 1-3 minutes.
  5. Remove the cold towel.
  6. Apply a small drop of aftershave balm to your fingers, rub them together and then gently massage into the face from the apples of the cheeks and down the neck. The face should not feel tacky or oily after you apply the balm.
  7. If you have remaining facial hair, apply a drop or two of beard oil onto your fingertips and rub into his beard. The beard should not feel oily when you are done.
  8. Carefully remove the towel over their chest or the smock so as not to dump hair onto them.
  9. Present them with a hand mirror to inspect your work. Accept any criticism for next time. Smile and thank them for allowing you to serve.

The goal of setting up a service like this is for the Dominant to feel pampered and for you to connect with them on a service level. So, when you’re selecting the supplies, preparing the space or performing the service, try to make it special and unique. Dress up (or down), go slowly, and do it all with a smile.