When you want to make a shave the special experience it can be, you need to start with a basic supply list. As you get more experienced and if you want a more in-depth service you can add a few more items to your repertoire.

If you missed the first part of this series, The Ultimate Guide to Giving Your Dominant a Smooth Sensual Shave gives you an introduction to this form of body service.

The Basic Shave

For the basic shave, you’ll need a razor, shave cream and an aftershave lotion. If you start there, you’ll be able to give your Dominant a relaxing experience and show them how enjoyable having you shave their face really is. They’ll want more pampering in no time!


The best razor is likely the one he’s currently using, but if it hasn’t been particular up to this point, I suggest a 3-5 blade disposable blade razor with a nice handle. The one I’m currently using and loving is the Gillette Mach3. They have a Turbo version too, with extra-sharp blades. I’ve found that KnyghtMare doesn’t like more than three blades as it has the potential to cause razor burn on his sensitive skin. Ask your Dominant what sort of razor they prefer and start with that. But you may want to research better razors that you might get to try if your partner is open to it.

Shave Cream

Just like the razor, many men are quite particular about the shave cream or lotion they use on their face so start with asking them what they use and why. The ‘why’ is important here because some men just buy whatever is cheapest and may not be the best for a relaxing service shave, ya know? I especially like the Edge brand for its variety and we use the Sensitive Skin Formula right now. I will be upgrading the shave cream part of my service shave soon, so check out my planned change in the Intermediate Shave Supplies list.


Finishing a shave with an aftershave is just about the best way to close up hair follicles, add hydration and sooth the skin. The one I currently swear by is Nivea Maximum Hydration Post Shave Balm. It’s a light scent and isn’t greasy feeling.

Other Supplies

It’s also nice to have on hand, a salon drape or extra towels, a few hand towels, a cool washcloth, a Styptic Stick and be near the sink or a bowl of warm to hot water. A hand mirror comes in handy if you aren’t in front of the sink also, so your Dominant can inspect your work.

If your man likes to keep some of his facial hair, as KnyghtMare does, you’ll definitely want to get a mustache comb and scissors and perhaps a beard trimmer.

The Intermediate Shave

If it’s time to expand on your basic shave, or your Dominant wants a fuller experience, you can add bits and pieces from the Intermediate Shave Supplies.


The next step razor is a Safety Razor. These razors have a heavy head and handle and a single blade. The blade is dual-ended, meaning you can flip the razor over and use the other side of the blade. It takes some time to learn how to shave with a Safety Razor, so I recommend practicing on yourself (or a balloon) first. A good beginner’s Safety Razor is the Vikings Blade: Chieftan. It reviews well and with a slightly smaller handle than other razors, it’s a great fit for a woman’s hand. I’ve had that specific razor on my wishlist for quite a while now, but with my clumsiness, I don’t think KnyghtMare will allow me near his face with it. If you aren’t sure you want to start there, I found this great list of The Best Safety Razors of 2019 on Balding Beards.

Shave Cream

The next step up in shave cream is a shave soap. They come in so many scents and varieties that I have yet to decide on one to start with, but all of them are solids that you use a brush and some water to lather into a thick, fragrant foam that promises a closer shave and a more luxurious experience!

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To use a shave soap you’ll need a bowl and a Badger brush. Some shaving soap comes with a bowl you can use, but it’s nice to have your own as well. There’s a wide variety of brushes out there also and from what I can see, personal preference really is the only difference. If real badger hair isn’t for you, there are also faux hair brushes. Here’s the Molshine Shaving Set I have in my wishlist.


An aftershave lotion is still necessary, but there are even more supplies you could add to your routine, especially if your man keeps some of his facial hair. There are beard and mustache oils to make coarse hair soft. Washes and conditioners for those with full beards to maintain. Beard and ‘stache wax to add structure and shape. The Viking Revolution Brand is quite nice for these supplies.

The Elite Shave

It may go without saying, but when you really want to pamper your man, nothing makes an experience fancier than using a straight razor. But, it’s not for everyone! I highly recommend you take a class, watch some videos and practice on tomatoes, balloons and then yourself before you go applying a razor to your Dominant. He’ll thank you.


Just like other razors, there is a variety of styles, materials, and other preferences in selecting a straight-edge razor.

Hot Towel Treatment

The pinnacle of a luxury shave is the hot towel treatment. It’s such a simple thing to add to a shaving service and it can be done at home with what you have on hand. You’ll need a terry cloth hand towel or a towel of similar size, and a container to put it in for steaming. If you don’t have a microwave there are other options, but a microwave is the easiest. There are towels made specifically for hot towel steam treatments that you can purchase online, but any towel that you can place over the face and maintains heat well will do the trick.

Once you have an idea what level of shave you would like to start with, you can gather the desired supplies in pieces or buy them all together. If service is something that you excel at, having a special box to keep your shave supplies would be the perfect solution to making and keeping your kit organized and all ready for the experience.

Now that you have the intention and the materials, it’s time to start putting them to work. In the next article for this series, I’ll walk you through a hot towel shave with a disposable razor. It can be adapted and changed for whatever unique things you’d like to add to it. Make this service your own. So, let’s get to it, Step By Step How-To for the Perfect Hot Towel Shave Experience .