Before Bathing

Make sure that you have all of your supplies ready for use: Shampoo Conditioner Soap or Body Wash Shaving cream Razor Exfoliating scrub Wash cloth Towel: Find out whether they need one or two. Sometimes females need two as that is one for their body and a second for their hair.

After Bathing:

Deodorant Powder (If They use it) Foot spray Hair Brush or Comb Undergarments Clothes

It is important to bathe your Dom properly for many reasons. Number one is for health reasons, and then personal reasons of their own follow.

How to properly bathe: When bathing you want to start from the top and then work your way down to the bottom. One would say this is for obvious reasons, but, you would not want to be washing your Dom’s face with the wash cloth that you just washed your Dom’s anus with. A good habit to get into would be to get your Dom’s body including hair completely wet, wash their hair, rinse, put in conditioner and leave it in, then move onto washing the body. This gives the conditioner time to do the job it was meant to do.  When it comes to the use of different soaps, be aware that not everyone has the same skin type.


When trimming nails it is best to use metal nail files instead of using nail cutters or emery boards. The reason for this is that nail cutters can cause damage to the nails by splitting the nail beyond the bite of the clippers, and also make the nail look ragged. Emery boards can chafe not only the nail itself but the skin of the fingers. If your Dom has dry hands, be sure to have lotion handy to massage the dryness away. Plus it is relaxing to have one's hands and feet massaged with good lotion. Always think ahead to what could be pleasing to your Dom.

Soaking Hands and Feet:

If your Dom works all day, or even if he or she doesn’t any time is a good time for a hand or foot soak, and is also very good for the skin, muscles, and joints. All this takes is a tub big enough to fit whatever appendage you are working with, hot water ( Using a tea kettle to reheat the water is always good.), Epsom Salt, and a dash of natural oil such as grape seed, almond, or jojoba. (Please check to see if your Dom has any allergies to these items before using them.) You can use a ¼ cup of Epsom salt, and if they have really sore feet or hands from arthritis or other ailments, you can also add in a table spoon of Dead Sea salt. For scents, use chamomile, sandalwood, or lavender depending on their preference. Make sure a new clean towel is ready for when they are finished soaking and dab their hands and feet dry, don’t wipe, as you don’t want to wipe off all of the moisturizing oil, only the water. This is also when a nice massage would be good. Be wary of the different pressure points within the hands and feet, as it is possible to undo the relaxation that you just did. There are many charts for pressure points available on the internet and in books.

My information comes from my personal service, research done on the internet, books, and magazines over the years.

Good luck and happy submitting