Today's challenge in the two week project here at Submissive Guide is all about standing at attention.

One of the most common ways you can present yourself as submissive to a Dominant is by the way you stand. You may do it now even though you don't have any specific rules as to how to stand. Pay attention next time you are standing by your Dominant. Are you on the right or left? Do you stand in line with them, a bit back, a bit in front? Where are your hands? Where are your eyes?

Part of a nice looking position is being aware of every part of your body. Make mental notes about how you stand both in your partner's presence and away from it. Does it change when you are just with friends or family? What makes it different?

Try It

Today we are going to try to practice different ways to stand at attention. Try each of these positions for 10 mins or more. Remember to stand with soft knees, don't lock them. You can stand longer that way and are less likely to faint in long periods of standing. Test out different ways to rest your hands and eyes. Place them at your sides, behind your back, crossed in front, clasped at the waist, etc. Do you like your eyes up, or down? Do these positions in front of a mirror if you can.

  1. Stand fully erect with hands at your sides. Place your feet together or within 3 inches apart. Relax your knees. Test out the different hand positions.
  2. Stand fully erect with hands at your sides. Place your feet hip distance apart. Relax your knees. Test the different hand positions.
  3. Stand fully erect with your hands at your sides. Place one-foot perpendicular to the other in a ballet pose, rest position. You heel should touch your big toe or close to it. Test the different hand positions.

Which of these did you like? Which didn't you like? Write down your favorites, give them names and describe them so that you will remember them.