Today's post in the two week project here at Submissive Guide is focused on kneeling.

Do you kneel in front of your Dominant partner at any point of your service? Is there a specific way to do that?

For someone new to BDSM, it is common to think you must kneel a lot of the time. When you are online, it can be expected that you will be spending most of your time kneeling, however in real life, it may not be expected at all. My first exposure to real time BDSM involved a little bit of kneeling. I had to kneel in front of the bed and be 'collared' for play. This was just a playtime collar and was part of getting me in the right mind. The kneeling was just a short time and I don't think I spent any more time on the floor like that the rest of the play time. I do not kneel in my relationship now except on special occasions.

In some relationships, it might be expected to be kneeling when the Dominant enters a room or returns home from work. The position you take while kneeling is also particular to that Dominant's desire. Can you think of other times you may be asked to kneel?

Practice Kneeling

Today's task is to practice kneeling. Get down on the floor and rest up on your knees. Try laying your feet flat so that the tops of your feet are on the floor and rest back on your calves. Kneel with your knees together and then with your knees spread apart. Practice resting your hands on your thighs, crossing them in front of your chest, or behind your back, or behind your head. How long can you hold each of these different positions? How can you make it look graceful, composed and sensual? Try to hold the following positions for 10 mins. Do this in front of a mirror if you can.

  1. Kneel up so that your body is perpendicular to the floor, the most weight will be directly on your knees. Place your knees together and then spread them apart. Try different placements of your hands in this position.
  2. Kneel down rested on your calves. Rest your feet with the tops on the floor and then bending your toes under for support. Place your knees together and then spread them apart. Try different placements of your hands in this position.
  3. Kneel to the side. Start by kneeling and then slide your body to the left or right(your preference) to sit on your bottom. Place a hand out for support but keep your legs tucked. Try different placements of your one available hand; the one not supporting your weight.
  4. Sit cross legged on the floor. First try it with your feet as far under as possible, then move them so that they are more in line with your knees, perhaps even on top of one another.

Which of these, if any felt the most comfortable. Which ones did you like? Which ones did you not like? Write down your favorites on a sheet of paper. Give them names and describe them so that you can remember them.

Tomorrow's position is Standing at Attention.