The third question I received for March Question Month is:

My owner frequently forgets his own deadlines, rules, etc, be them for me or for his own things. how do I help him without being a nag? I have tried setting up calendars, but he forgets to look at them.

This can be a challenge, but also another area for enhancing your service. You can certainly help your owner out with remembering his deadlines. It's a part of what a personal assistant would do. Let's see if you can tell the difference between these two reminders.

"Master, you have things to do today, have you not checked your calendar?"

"Sir, you have a meeting at 10 am with Mr. Jones and a Dr appointment at 2 pm. Would you like me to meet you for lunch or something?"

I'm certain you can tell the difference between the two. In the second example, you become the calendar. Since you said that you set up calendars and reminders, that if you become the calendar and reminder system. This is how you can enhance your service to your Master. It is possible that later on, you may take on making the appointments, caring for the contact list.

Ultimately, if your owner doesn't want help with this then even the second response will seem like a nag. Talk to him about how you can help him remember his deadlines.

Does anyone else help their partner with calendar maintenance and remembering deadlines? Please give me your suggestions in the comments!