Sometimes you just need that extra bit of help out of your day or want to have all the tips and tricks on a certain activity. Well, I have pulled together some of the best websites out there that will help you get through your difficult day in a breeze.

1. - This site has all the household tips, craft projects, recipes, kitchen & cooking tips and other neato hints that you could ever want when it comes to organizing your home. I've just recently come to find this site, and have fallen in love.

2. - Full of downloads and tips that you can use to make your life easier. I've found a lot of one-click applications that speed up my website work and browsing.

3. The Fresh Loaf - This site contains featured recipes, lessons, book reviews, a community forum and recipe exchange, and baker blogs. So please take some time to look around. It's made with the amateur in mind.

4. Chore Buster - Organize your chores and household plans and have the calendar emailed to you (or each person gets their own list emailed) weekly or monthly as a reminder on what to do. You can split the chores among family members and set the difficulty of chores so that your 6-year-old doesn't get something they aren't capable of doing!

5. The Dollar Stretcher - Learning how to be frugal and save money in this tight economy! Excellent tips and ideas to keep your money where it belongs. In your pocket.

6. - This is the first stop for any submissive wanting to organize your life. She's an online coach to a tidy home and trusts me, it works! I made my household binder based on her ideas and I enjoy adding to it every week.

7. Recipezaar - A recipe index with thousands of recipes, the ability to save recipes in your own cookbook for bookmarking purposes and submit your own recipes. I love the quantity adjustment feature so that I can increase and decrease the number of servings without calculation errors!

8. Moms Buzz - Mom's Buzz keeps you in the loop with useful beauty tips, fun and easy recipes, awesome activities for kids (even the grown up ones) - and a hefty dose of humor to make you smile!

9. To Done! - A regularly updated collection of thoughts, writings, tips, tricks and information on personal productivity, work/life balance and getting things done.

10. Google Calendar - Google's calendar allows you to make your schedule, receive reminders and alerts, share calendars with other Google users and view it from anywhere with an internet connection. You can even send out invites for parties and other things. It's great for bills, birthdays and other special events as well as everyday tasks and chores.

Well, that's a starting list, but I know you all have excellent websites you love to use and would recommend to anyone struggling to find time in their day for everything. What websites do you like?