When does the car need a tune up again? Did we change the furnace filter recently? Have you descaled the coffee pot this month?

How many times have you forgotten the routine maintenance tasks because you didn't have them written down? I know I have. That was until I started adding reminders to my Google Calendar. How together I feel when I can get reminders about regular maintenance tasks that need doing each week!

Note: Since I have a Gmail account, I try to use all the free stuff that Google provides and one of them is the Calendar. I know other programs exist that have calendars but this one is going to deal with Google's calendar since that's the one I'm most familiar with.

How to Create Google Calendar Event Reminders

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Step 1:

 Create your event and click "edit event."


Step 2:

 Scroll down to the "reminders" setting and choose the type of reminder that you want to receive.

Step 3:

 Add more reminders by clicking on "Add a reminder."

Step 4: 

After adding your reminders, click "save" at the top of screen.

Step 5: 

You can sync your Google Calendar to your mobile device.  Directions are available here iOS and Android devices.

Helpful Maintenance Schedules

Here's a handy Google Doc of Seasonal House Maintenance

General Car Service Schedule

Another place you can find maintenance schedules is in the owner's manual of your appliances and other gadgets. You've probably skimmed over it or tossed the book aside once you purchased it, but if you did save it (and you should) you can make reminders for the maintenance these items require based on the manufacturer. Sweet!

What ever happened to pen and paper?

Alright so some of you don't want to use a digital calendar. That's alright! Here are some printable calendars made by kallista.


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