Last month we were in the kitchen, this month I want to walk you through cleaning and maintaining a tidy bathroom. I feel that cleanliness in the bathroom shows guests how important cleanliness is in your home and your own person. While I currently don't have much more than a hallway sized bathroom with a shower at the end of it, one day I do hope to have a pleasant and inviting retreat for weary bodies.

Danae on Domestic Servitude has put together a fabulous Fall Cleaning list for every room of the house. You can download the PDF of the bathroom cleaning list here! Below is my general cleaning list for the bathroom. You can make yours more detailed and edit it for your own home.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

  1. Scrub toilet
  2. Scrub shower (I don't have a tub)
  3. Replace towels
  4. Wipe down and scrub sink
  5. Sweep and mop
  6. Refill soap
  7. Check/replace deodorizer
  8. Clean mirror

Listed below are articles across the web that have helped me with my own bathroom cleaning routine. I hope that they can help you establish what you want to do in the bathroom to keep it inviting and clean.

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What tips do you have for making the bathroom clean and relaxing?

photo by pepo