The kitchen is the heart of any home and having a clean and germ-free work environment for cooking and food preparation is important. Knowing some skills and cleaning tips can make keeping your kitchen clean and sparkling effortless. No longer is doing dishes and mopping floors drudgery; enhanced it can be an important part of your service when you wear your domestic servant hat.

Danae on Domestic Servitude has put together a fabulous Fall Cleaning list for every room of the house. You can download the PDF of theĀ  kitchen cleaning list here! Below is my general cleaning list for the kitchen. You can make yours more detailed and edit it for your own kitchen.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  1. Large appliances cleaned inside and out.
  2. Small appliances cleaned outside and underneath.
  3. Counter tops washed, dried and polished.
  4. Kitchen cabinets wiped with furniture polish.
  5. Dishes washed, dried and put away or stored in dishwasher.
  6. Kitchen sink cleaned out, wiped and polished with cleaner.
  7. Kitchen floor swept and damp mopped.
  8. Trash removed.

Listed below are articles across the web that I have found to be helpful for setting up my own cleaning routine for the kitchen. I hope that you will explore these and if you don't have a cleaning routine in place; consider starting one with the kitchen.

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