The bedroom in most homes is supposed to be a refuge from the stress of the world; to reconnect with your partner and to recharge after a hard day at work. However, it is commonly the last room people clean and organizes to suit their needs. I know in our house the bedroom is often a dumping ground for things as I'm cleaning the rest of the house. Then, when we are exhausted and just want to sleep it gets tossed on the floor or crammed in the corner. This is something I need to remedy so I wagered that there were others out there just like me.

Previously I helped you with cleaning and organization tips for the bathroom and kitchen. In the next post in this series, I'll give you a list of links to help you organize and clean the bedroom.

Danae on Domestic Servitude has put together a fabulous Fall Cleaning list for every room of the house. You can download the PDF of the bedroom cleaning list here!

Basic Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Daily - After you get out of the bed, air it for 15 minutes or more while you do other things.

Then make the bed and air the room by opening windows for about 30 minutes.

Clean up any clutter and hang up all clothing and/or put dirty laundry in laundry hampers.


- Wash the bedding. Sheets and pillowcases.

Dust all surfaces and knickknacks.

Vacuum the room.

If you have mirrors give them a quick swipe with window cleaner.


- Vacuum under the bed. Clean windows (the inside).

Semi Annually

- Move and vacuum under dressers and such. Flip mattresses.  Store seasonal bedding and clothing (wash first). Purge clothing that is too small, irreparable, out of style (your style that is). Wash any curtains and throw rugs.

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What tips do you have to making the bedroom clean and relaxing?