Hi lunaKM,

I was wondering if you had any ideas, tips, exercises for knee strengthening?  I am a BBW, and being on my knees for a long period of time, cuts off my circulation and can be very painful.  This is also true when I am on all fours.  I tried pillows, and that helps for the knee cap, but not the numbness that develops.  Do you or anyone in the community by any chance have any suggestions?

Thank you so much!

First, take a look at Sephani Paige's article " Tips For Those Who Can't Kneel". She gives a lot of excellent advice that could help you in your situation. Now, my question to you is why are you on your knees so much when it clearly hurts? If this is something you think you have to do to be submissive, that is inaccurate. If this is something that a Dominant thinks he has to have you do to feel good about himself and his Dominance than that's not right either.

A Dominant is going to want you to be comfortable when in a position for a long while. I know my Dominant only wants me to be uncomfortable if he's the one causing it. Knee pain is a distraction to what he would want me to focus on so he'd avoid it. So if you are in a relationship, find out why they want you to kneel for so long.

Physically it's pretty hard to condition your body to kneel for periods of time when you are heavier. The compression  on your nerves and blood vessels can't be reduced without reducing your weight. I know I can't kneel for longer than 2 minutes before my knees are very painful and my feet go to sleep. To alter that, my partner allows me to sit on the floor. It gives you the same feeling, of being lower and subservient.

Stretches may help a bit, but again you are dealing with compression and it's not just a weight issue. Many average and skinny people can't kneel either. Find something alternative to kneeling when you can.

For the situation of being on all fours, add support to your belly and chest area so that the weight isn't all on your limbs. It will help a bit, but not completely.

And now I'm passing it on to my readers: What tips do you give this person about kneeling?