Reading the past posts on the Submissive positions project may bring some of you to the realization that you can't perform these poses for health or body size reasons. This is to be expected. I can't kneel back on my heels at all. So what is a good submissive to do? You alter the positions so that they still look wonderful but are physically possible for you.

Today I'd like us to brainstorm ideas for how someone can alter the positions and still hold grace and etiquette at a high standard. It is possible to not follow the 'Gorean' style positions that everyone seems to favor and still look good. For the brainstorming, you will need creative time alone and a desire to work on the positions you want to incorporate but feel incapable of doing.

For example, I'm a large woman and can't kneel back on my heels at all. To get around this I can put a small pillow behind my knees. Other alternatives are stools, sitting cross-legged kneeling for only short periods or not kneeling at all.

Start Brainstorming!

Let's share what alterations you have for your positions!  I need your help to provide a resource to others, please chime in below with ideas that can help others find new and comfortable ways to do the positions if a disability restricts you!

Possible disabilities to come up with alternative positions for:

  • wheelchair bound
  • missing a limb
  • carpal tunnel
  • broken leg or arm
  • obesity
  • osteoporosis
  • diabetes
  • painful joints or arthritis
  • others?...