Every Monday in March I’m going to try something new and I’d love your opinion in the comments below. If you like the idea I might continue them on a regular (although not every Monday) schedule. I’m devoting Monday’s to meditation, reflection and devotion to submission. I hope to select topics that will get you thinking differently about some part of your life or submission and then just maybe grow a little bit further.

Some days I just don't feel connected to my submission, that something is lacking and I'm less than I was the day before. I don't doubt that you too have had moments like this. They can be vexing and difficult to get through but trust me, they are a part of the normal ebb and flow of your personality.

How that loss of submission feels to you is unique and even though you feel it as a negative you can learn and grow yourself within it. Reflect on how it feels, allow your mind and heart to explore the sense of loss, the disconnect from who you are. Breathe in and out while you gather your remaining strength during this receding sense of self.

Now, let it go. Worry will only drive you further from reclaiming your submissive focus. You can not control everything and this is something that clearly will come and go. You are human, you will falter and you will pick yourself up and move on.

Only once you embrace every moment of your submission, even the low times where submission seems fleeting can you grow and expand your mind. Let go of the comparisons with other submissives, the self-doubt of your value, the mistakes you make. These issues will only cloud your vision.

You can not compare yourself with others, for your submission is unique to you and powerful in fueling your desires. It does not make you any better or worse than the submissive next door. The difference is beautiful and should be celebrated. Celebrate your uniqueness.

Self-doubt is a vile beast. When it gets you down, turn to the positive things in your life and thrive in those for a time. Look for the good in things and let the negative fade away.

You will make mistakes. What you do about them will show you how to grow. Do you let the mistake wear you down? NO! You learn from it, you find a way to correct your slip and you move on. The best submissives can learn from their mistakes without letting the act of the mistake eat them and wear them down. Learn to be your best. Accept change, accept trial and error and turn to your submission to show you the way to success.

Believe in yourself and when you feel less submissive you will be able to turn it around and take care of yourself. Because sometimes feeling less of something is a sign you need to take better care of yourself. Reap the rewards an hour of self-care can provide. Read about submission, write about submission, meditate on your particular form of submission. Let your experiences or your desires refill your soul and re-fire your beliefs. Believe in your submission for it is beautiful.