So lately I seem to be extra sensitive to pain, and by lately I mean the last several months. I'm worried that I've lost my ability to enjoy and endure pain. Is there something I can do to de-sensitize myself. I like pain and miss it!!

Sincerely, I Miss Being a Pain Slut!

Hey there, Pain Slut! Oh my goodness, I can (almost) feel your pain - no pun intended. I’ve had small moments where certain pain was unbearable. For it to last months must be frustrating.

My first thought is to ask about your health. Have you been more tired, more stressed, or more sick in those past few months? Have you been to a doctor? It’s very possible you could have something else going on that has nothing to do with pain that is interfering with your ability to handle it.

The next thing that comes to mind is your emotional state. Have things been okay in your relationships or encounters with whoever is dishing out the pain? Trust, fear, and worry can all wreak havoc on your ability to relax enough to ride the waves of pain. You may need to take some time to think about how you feel about the people you play with or anything else going on, and deal with that first. This may mean you must have hard conversations to let them know what’s going on with you or how they’re making you feel.

Have you tried other types of pain? That’s not a fix for the problem, but possibly a workaround. If you prefer stinging pains like that of the crop or quick flicks from the tips of a flogger, maybe it’s time to try more “thuddy” pains like a heavy paddle or heavy spanking - and of course, the same is true in reverse.

The only way I know to build endurance for pain is to start small. If lighter taps aren’t as unbearable, you may need to start there and work your way up, as if you’re new to the world of pain.

I wish I could give you more concrete information, and hopefully you’ll find the right solution for your (lack of) pain problem.