This is a six part series all about experiencing play from the right side of the slash. It is intended to be a helpful guide for you to push yourself further in your play, to experience new things, to open your mind and body to new sensations.

I want to briefly mention safety in the beginning here. Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Whether you are a newbie to all of this or decades deep into your BDSM path, remember to be aware of the risks associated with this type of play, to be sure you are playing with a partner that you can trust, and never hesitate to use an agreed upon safe word if you’d like the play to change or stop.

That said, let us dive into this part of the series:

Like role play? Try medical play…

Basics of role play:

 What an awesome way to add a little spark to the bedroom! Many couples fantasize about being somebody else. Somebody more powerful; somebody helpless. Somebody dangerous; somebody full of secrets. This is a great way to dip your toe into exploring new things without the obligation to completely change who you are. You get to play pretend for a scene.

A good way to start is to pick some fantasy role that you or your partner want to explore further. It can be based on an occupation (naughty nurse, frisky policeman, teacher with a ruler to discipline), it can be trying out the waters of particular power exchange dynamics (Owner/pet, Master/slave, Daddy/little girl), or some kind of scenario to be acted out (burglar in the home, seducing the plumber there to fix the emergency.)

One of my very best tips is to go all in. Really commit to the fantasy. If you’re going to take on a different persona, dress like a different person, try new make up or a wig or a nail polish you would never consider. Fake it till you make it kind of thing. When you are negotiating the basics of the scene, make an agreement to not break character until the scene is entirely over or until a safe word is spoken. That kind of commitment can take the experience from cheesy to sexy as hell.


 Not everybody can commit to this. It is a bit like acting and quite an art form. If you are one of those people or have one of those as a partner, try something else. It will only fall flat.

Why and how to add medical play?

 I feel like a great way to push the envelope in role play is by trying out medical play. Medical play lends itself so easily to BDSM. You can include bondage (stirrups, anybody?), massively amplify power roles (doctor taking advantage of patient is so taboo), and include new elements of sado-masochistic play. There are all sorts of “things” to bring in as options to make it realistic: speculums, enemas, bedpans, medical grade staples, medical tape for bondage, those flimsy humiliating gowns. It’s just… rife with opportunity.

Talk it out. Negotiate. Have lots of dialogue. And continue to explore and push boundaries to explore new fantasies.

Begging for even more?

 Role play in public. Have you and your Top go out into the world, act as strangers, and have him or her work to pick you up. Or, conversely, have them sit back and watch as you go off drinking and dancing with strangers. Role  play is a fun and exciting chance for couples to work together towards a common goal.

Additional Submissive Guide/Dominant Guide reading on the topics at hand:

Give us some feedback in the comments to continue the discussion! Have you ever tried these types of play? How is your experience similar or different? If somebody is interested in role play, what else would you suggest they try out? What other play would you like to incorporate?