This is a six part series all about experiencing play from the right side of the slash. It is intended to be a helpful guide for you to push yourself further in your play, to experience new things, to open your mind and body to new sensations.

I want to briefly mention safety in the beginning here. Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Whether you are a newbie to all of this or decades deep into your BDSM path, remember to be aware of the risks associated with this type of play, to be sure you are playing with a partner that you can trust, and never hesitate to use an agreed upon safe word if you’d like the play to change or stop.

That said, let us dive into this part of the series:

Like wax play? Try knives…

Basics of wax:

Wax is often a first step into the BDSM world. It is pretty romantic after all, right? Beautiful naked bodies, candle lit room, easy enough step to take. Be safe! Know that wax can be dangerous and lead to burns. Play slowly at first and encourage the Top to start far from the body to gauge temperature of a particular wax. Everything from scent to type of wax to color of candle can impact the temperature. Test carefully each time. We simply use the basic white tealights. Inexpensive, we can burn lots in the room to create ambiance, and simply toss when done. Keep a wet towel nearby for safety/put out the flames quick.

If you move into wax play more, you’ll likely want to move to an actual wax warmer versus a lit candle. Easier to pour and control, plus no flames to watch out for.

Wax play incorporates so many sexy sensations. It involves temperature play, heating the body. Bare skin. There is no wax play on a clothed body part! It can be so sensual. Wax can also create the most amazing sense of anticipation, never knowing when or where that next hot drip will fall on your body. Blindfolds can up the ante of that anticipation.


It is crazy messy. Messy going on, messy coming off, messy to clean. And avoid any hairy body parts! Ouch.

Why and how to add knives?

Knife play is basically incorporating knives in a scratching or scraping way, not cutting the skin.

If you love the way wax feels drizzled all over your body, consider adding in knife play for the scraping or removal of the built up wax from your skin. Sure you could just peel the wax off when the scene is over. But. A skilled Top with a pocketknife can move the scene from sensual and relaxing and space-y wax play to heart pounding, arousing, thrilling knife play in an instant. It is a massive change in energy and can be an exhilarating culmination to the experience. As the wax is scraped off of your skin you must be physically still, trust in the Top’s ability and control, and it can really enhance the connection in play.

Begging for even more?

If you love this wax and knife combo on your back or stomach, consider trying it out in more sensitive areas like under arms, genitals, chest/nipples. Bottom of the feet. (Shiver.)

Additional Submissive Guide/Dominant Guide reading on the topics at hand:



Give us some feedback in the comments to continue the discussion! Have you ever tried these types of play? How is your experience similar or different? If somebody is interested in wax, what else would you suggest they try out? What other play would you like to incorporate?