Erotic spanking. It is probably the most common kinky play activity and is done in a lot of relationships that may know nothing about kink at all to those who are extremely kinky. It’s just a hot thing to do during sex. I was being spanked long before I entered the scene. I hope that I never stop being spanked.

For me, a spanking is often more intimate than sex. The connection I feel with my Dominant during a spanking is so powerful. I am a masochist so I get off on pain. The pain turns to pleasure and then euphoria usually follows.

Negotiating a spanking is relatively simple. Spanking is one of the safer activities you can engage in. You’ll want to discuss whether clothing stays on or can come off. If you prefer spanking while bent over or laying flat, with or without bondage. Make sure you also discuss what to do if you reach sub space and aftercare.

Did you know that your behind is not the only place that you can be spanked. Often called the sweet spot, the place where your ass connects to your legs is sensitive and tender, and has nerves that run through your pubic area which drives pleasure. Spanking can also happen on your upper thighs. The only place that should be avoided is your tailbone. A good Dominant may even rest his non-dominant hand on your tailbone to prevent striking it unintentionally.

A spanking, for me, requires a little bit of warm up but not much. He may rub my behind and tap it lightly but before long I have full impacts of his fingers and palm on my skin. He likes to vary it by opening his fingers or cupping his palm. All of it deliciously pleasing.

Most spankings I’ve received sting. The compression of the air before the hand strikes your skin causes this sting. The connection with flesh is also what makes that concussion of sound you hear. It makes hearing a spanking unmistakable.

I know that because you have to be really close, even touching your Dominant during a spanking is what makes it so intimate for me. Other activities can be done at a distance and they feel less intimate that way. I savor the intimate embraces I get when the play is closer. The Dominant is more tactile with you and you with them that way.

I really get into music with a good beat when I’m being spanked, probably because my Dominant likes to use that beat to spank me to. If you have a problem getting to sub space I highly recommend a steady beat. Intensity doesn’t need to increase, but it can. As long as the beat is steady you can zone out and focus on the sensation and not about the shock of when it is going to happen again and at what force.

Another thing I enjoy because I’m a sensation junkie is the escalation patterns he does. Typically in sets of 5 or 8. The spanks get harder as the number climbs. He’ll keep the same pattern as described before but that escalating set is helpful for my pain processing. Spanking is great for pain processing activities and learning how your body responds to pain as well as how to manipulate it.

Recovering from a spanking may require some lotion on your tender areas but not much else. Emotionally for me at least, spanking is quite rewarding and draining at the same time. You’ll want to know how you respond to spanking so that you can better prepare yourself and your Dominant for the aftercare you need.

The marks after a spanking are different than those from other tools or implements. They are widespread, warm and hand shaped. Something about the shape of these marks is comforting to me. That he would apply his hands to my flesh and mark me in this way is beautiful.

I am completely in love with erotic spanking.

What is erotic spanking like for you?