Hi, guys, it's me - lunaKM, the editor of Submissive Guide! I'm writing you all a personal little post because, well, I miss you. I feel like I haven't heard from you in awhile.

Maybe because it's summer, maybe  we're all busy enjoying our families or hiding in air-conditioned comfort with this heat or perhaps we are all going on walkabout for Pokemon, but we're getting fewer and fewer guest submissions from you. That makes me sad.

I miss seeing your  DIY projects and service and exploring our sexual kinks. I wanna hear about how your relationships are developing and talk about your community experiences.

Tell me about your roles - submissives, slaves, mothers, wives, poly partners and how it balances together with daily life and D/s or BDSM.

Maybe you're all on vacation. I get it, I've been busy too. But hey, when you get back, would you mind telling us what a day in your life is like?

I can share all the thoughts and opinions on other relationships. But I also want to see into your lives. I want to hear how our male submissives live. I want to bond over relationship struggles. And talk about the BDSM books about our relationship styles and kinks. Speaking of  books…

We've run out of  BDSM book reviews! What are the book-obsessed supposed to read that's new and exciting? Won't you share your favorite BDSM or D/s related book with us in a review?

Basically, you guys are awesome, and I want to hear all about your lives, learn from your mistakes, and revel in your wins. Let's talk.  What do you have to share?

Maybe you don't have a guest post in mind at the moment, but you know what you want to see on Submissive Guide — feel free to post your request in the comments section. Maybe another knowledgable submissive will hook you up!