Hello again! This month with another look back at a resource from the past.  Remember, much of the content of these newsletters is still relevant today so take some time to read it!

From the newsletter’s description;

Current contributors are all  slave or  submissive identified, and in real time relationships where obedience and service are necessary, valued skills, achieved over time. I have been fortunate enough to meet these lovely people all over the country, and have delighted in great conversations, where we sometimes agree, and sometimes disagree, but are bound by a mutual respect of each other’s choices. Occasionally, words from the “other side” might be included as well, as many perspectives will be represented.

Into the May edition of Simply Service, produced by Bootpig all the way back in 2008. (Last month we featured November 2006. There were no newsletters between November 2006 and May 2008.)

  • Is Slavery Real? by Darren
  • Productivity Tools
  • Training Outside of the Box by Bootpig
  • porkchops Rules of Bedding: Inside Info from a Retail Whore
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