Now that you have the basics of a Home Management Binder and you can put a physical binder together, some of you may want a digital version. Evernote is a great free program to make that happen and when I went paperless I used a great guide to get me on the right path. Now I could have written out a detailed post about how to do it, but I've found a couple of resources that do it for me! I'm going to share the one that I used first, and then, if you want a free guide, I'm going to link you to a great detailed post online as well.

Simply Convivial's author, Mystie Winckler has the best guide out there for Paperless Home Organization and I can't recommend her ebook enough. She helped me learn to use Evernote, Remember the Milk and Google's free tools to run my home and have less clutter! This is not an affiliate and I'm not getting paid to talk about her ebook. It's just something amazing that changed my life and can change yours too. At the time of this post the ebook is just $4.99!

Get the Ebook!

Inside the book, Mystie teaches you how to store digitally everything you would normally have in a Homemaking Journal using free web tools and apps for your smartphone and tablet. "Paperless Home Organization will walk you through setting up your systems with screenshots and easy to follow instructions. It is your ultimate guide to maximizing your efficient use of your technology, even if you aren’t naturally techie." (Simply Convivial, retrieved 9/15/15)

If you are still up in the air about the books value, check out her free sample.

Get the Ebook!

I don't want to pay for it, just tell me how!

If you would like a free guide to turning your physical home management journal into a digital one, check out this post on SuperMommyClub. It goes into detail about how to set up an Evernote account, creating your file cabinet and adding your lists, notes and so much more.


Start putting your Home Management Binder together now! Later this month I'll be calling on you to share your progress with photos or screenshots so that everyone can see how unique and useful a Home Mangement Journal can be!