Writing a journal is often a personal choice, but within a D/s dynamic, it can often be a task given from the Dominant to help with communication and understanding the submissive. Often we can get so wrapped up in ourselves and we can forget that a journal is a powerful tool that the Dominant has. Now, I spend a good 2 years writing a journal and not sure what KnyghtMare could possibly learn from my babble about school stress, work, and chores but he reassured me that he gets plenty from reading my thoughts, even if they don't seem like much to me. Dominants really do get a quite a bit of insight into your mind from your journal.

First and most importantly, they can come to understand your thoughts on a variety of things, from your relationships with other friends and family, how you feel about them from one day to the next and how you've come to understand your own submission. It really is all about interpersonal relationships and if they can see you've got patience for your annoying little sister who asks you for help every other weekend or your kindness to your best friend who is going through a difficult time, they are going to pick up your personality and learn about who you are.

And what about when you write of the new tasks you've been assigned or how you felt when he said something a certain why during the last play session? Your Dominant can learn a ton about how you processed new things in the relationship that come up and can then adjust as necessary. Sometimes it's hard to talk about these things face to face and writing about them comes much easier. So use that as a tool to communicate without actually talking to them. It often breaks the ice and you can move forward from challenges and you can add more to your dynamic once you both understand what's going on emotionally.

How many times have you wanted to share something you saw on someone else's site or a picture that spoke to you or turned you on? Well, your journal can be a good place for those things. And when your Dominant reads these you've just offered ideas and fun things that can be added to your own relationship. Who knows? Perhaps these ideas were just simmering under the surface but now that you've shared them you can be more open about them.

I know I've used my journal to work out fear and anxiety I'm feeling that is hard to talk about. It's great therapy. And I know that if I ask KnyghtMare not to talk about what I'm writing on a certain day then he knows that I"m using it just to vent and rant and explore my emotions.

This is just a glimpse into what your Dom learns from your journal. I encourage you to ask them what they learn from your journaling efforts so that you can engage in more of the same writing that is beneficial for you and helpful for him.

So readers, if you write a journal, what does your Dominant learn from it?