We all have responsibilities in life. The family needs to be taken care of and fed, you have to work, pay the bills and keep the home repaired. Kids have to be cared for and carted around from games to classes to other outings. There are days you feel that there aren't enough hours in the day and you haven't even had time to say hello to your Dominant let alone serve him as you'd like to. How is it really possible that all the stories you hear about submission really happen? Are they living in a vacuum?

Once the fantasy of ideal submission settles and the excitement of trying something new fades you realize that life will continue whether you are submissive or not. The real truth is that you can be submissive during all of your every day too; just toned down or hidden. As I've said here before, submission in a lifestyle sense isn't what you do, it's who you are. You can't just take off the submissive hat. Here we are, living as we need to do and submitting. That is the new ideal.

So, when you go to work or make dinner you are still serving your Dominant with everything you do. Perhaps you work to pay bills. This helps provide your Dominant and yourself (with family) someplace to live and enjoy life together. Turn on that internal voice that continues to say, 'What would my Dom think of this action or that behavior?' As you hear it throughout the day, make the judgment calls based on what he or she would say. Change the way you think about everything you do.

It is true that the struggles of life can get in the way of play time or frequent sex or intense D/s sessions. We all suffer it from time to time. What is still true in those instances is that you are still submissive. You may not be showing it outwardly as often but it's there because it's a part of you. All throughout the blogosphere and in conversations on groups you hear of submissives struggles with times that life gets in the way of their dream. Never give up on that dream, but realize that priorities change.

What? Do I mean that after all the talk of submission being who you are that you can decide not to be submissive? No. What I mean is that just like everything else in life, it ebbs and flows. Some moments will feel very submissive to you and others the submission will be just a hint of your self. Accepting that the ideal life can't be every day all day is just a part of growth and development. Sometimes you will be a parent first and submissive second, you could be an employee first and then spouse with just a hint of submission.

The important thing to remember is that the submission is still there! Just like how you were before you found submission as your calling (however strong it is), you can be just as successful of a person with just a hint of submission than when it's flaming out in the radiance of your submissive.

I may be living the perfect life for me, but it's not for everyone. Find that perfect balance for you.

How do you juggle your daily life and your needs to be submissive? I'd really like to know how you accomplish it.