Hi. I am in a master and slave relationship and I am the slave in our relationship. I have moments when I am so clumsy and I really hate it. Sometimes I do things like spill drinks on the floor or on myself. Today I spilled some soda on myself and I also spilled some soda on my master. Luckily my master did not get angry or upset. He knows that I did not mean it. However, it still bothers me and I feel bad about it. Every time I am clumsy I feel bad about it. So I would love to know if there is anything my master can do for me and if there is anything I can do for myself to help me stop being so clumsy.

I feel you. I am a huge klutz and KnyghtMare often jokes that I'm going to die of a stubbed toe one day. Here's what I've learned about my clumsiness and perhaps it can help you too. I'm nowhere near perfect but I am more aware so it's a step in the right direction.

I'm the most clumsy when:

  • I'm stressed
  • I'm anxious
  • I'm tired
  • I'm hurried
  • I'm distracted
  • My glasses are really dirty

In all these things you can certainly take steps to help you reduce or eliminate a number of clumsy incidents with a few simple steps. The most common cause, and I know the one I experience personally is a loss of balance. The most helpful thing for balance building is a routine exercise program. Strengthening muscles and stretching will help you keep your balance better than you are now.

Get more sleep. Fatigue can cause muscle weakness and you will be more distracted. It is an enemy of your desire to be less of a klutz.

Now, this one is something everyone can do; slow down. That's a big one for me. I'm always trying to do things really fast and in a rush - especially if it's something that KnyghtMare has asked me to do. Think quality service over speedy service, speed will come with time. So, slow down, focus on your steps, concentrate on what you are doing and be confident. A graceful movement will help you slow down too. So start being more aware of where your limbs are, how you are poised and the way your body moves and you'll apply some graceful movement to your day and could cut down the incidents of spills, trips and bumps.

Now there are a few medical reasons for clumsiness if you feel that it is severe enough or you can pinpoint specific situations where it's worse I'd bring it up to your Doctor.

Are You a Klutz?