This is an entry into A Day in the Life series. Than you nan{SL}!

My Master moved to my farm in September. Before that, my typical day was going to work, playing with my dog, and texting and emailing my Master all the day long. I would plan some weekend lifestyles events with Him, get lonely when I did not see Him for a while, but generally lived an independent life.

How things change when you least expect it! Fall is a busy time of year for me. I work two jobs, and the hours are fullest between September and December. I tend not to turn down any extra hours because the slim times will come soon enough. Fall also is a busy time for my Master with family events, hunting season, and some parties thrown in when we could manage. This fall is no less busy, but the parameters have changed.

Since September, I have worked 7 days a week most weeks. I would love to spend my typical day serving my Master, loafing around at home, hunting or moving the furniture that he brought. Instead, I try to fit in time to serve Him around work hours. We haven’t attended any parties in months, even before He moved in. The family has assumed priority, and socializing has taken a back seat. In fact, it’s not even traveling in the same car right now.

Most days I get up between 5 and 7 in the morning and take our dogs out (one puppy adopted in September just to add to the craziness, and one young adult). If it is light in the morning, I take them for a walk. I feed the dogs, feed the cats (each one has individual food for medical problems), and pill whoever needs to be pilled. As the animals are eating, I might pop something into the laundry, or fill/ empty the dishwasher. I have to watch that everyone eats his (dogs) or her (cats) own food, because the grass is always greener in the other dish!

The most important chore (according to my Master) is starting the coffee pot. I probably should set it at night, but I like the feel of it as a routine subbie service in the morning. If I am sleeping in (a rare morning), I will set it up at night so I can wake up to the smell of coffee.

Once the animals are fed, I sit down and have cereal, orange juice, and vitamins. I get my lunch ready for work and get the coffee ready for Master. Before I leave for work, I take a cup of coffee to my Master in one of his special mugs, try to have a quick chat, kiss Him, and remind Him of anything important for the day.

My Master has a time related short term memory disorder so I will text or email during the day to remind Him again of important things. We see this as serving as opposed to nagging. I keep my cell phone on silent at work or have my email open in case He has questions, or just wants to touch base. Most questions since He has moved in seem to involve where I have put things!!!

I will spend some time during the day planning dinner. I love interesting meals and trying new things. Master has said that I cook one meal with different ingredients all the time (stir fry meat with fruit or veg and rice or pasta), so I have been trying to find new recipes to surprise Him. Now He has purchased a barbecue, so I have more options!

If Master is home when I come home from work we walk the dogs together and feed the animals so they will not covet our dinner (although they tend to do so anyways). I love this time to chat with Master and hear what happened during the day. I make dinner, or He might barbecue and I will make the side dishes. We watch a movie or tv show on DVD while we eat. (This is the only time of day I watch tv). I will serve Him His food and a drink and settle down beside Him to eat.

After dinner, if we are still watching a show, the dogs and cats are welcome to join us for cuddles. I will gather up the dishes afterward, and we will take the dogs out for a final run. The puppy goes in his crate, and the older dog is allowed to pick his spot to sleep.

We will head to Master’s bed or my bed depending on the next morning’s schedule. My Master had a nasty habit of going on the computer after dinner. Master was good enough to listen to His subbie explain how frustrating it was to have Him do research on the computer, even though it was on our behalf, during a time we could be ‘researching’ each other. So now, we make time for each other after dinner, and then if He wishes He will go on the computer afterwards. If so, I will return to my own bed so I can get enough sleep to start again the next day!

We are both looking forward to a time when my schedule slows down, and the pressures from Master’s ‘big move’ are relieved. Then hopefully our days will be less work and more play! Still, we are living our lifestyle together, and that is all that matters.