So the series is going quite well and I thought that it was time to share with you what an average day in service to KnyghtMare is like for me. I've had many people who know me in real life say that my life is interesting and it's higher protocol than most people have. I also know that my day to day life is unique in that I'm 24/7 with no outside job or kids. KnyghtMare works from a home office. For us, it is a perfect life.

KnyghtMare and I don't tend to wear clothing around the house. It's just a preference we have. If you show up unannounced you'll have to wait outside the door for awhile as we get dressed. I have a pillow and towels I sit on so that I don't stain the furniture. Not everyone gets to live as we do, as I've said.

I'm up everyday between 7:30 and 8:30. I don't set my alarm so I let my body wake whenever it's time or whenever the cats think it is time to eat. Master doesn't get up for work until 10am so I have time to myself every morning.

I usually take a shower and fix breakfast for myself and then read emails and my RSS feeds. I take a look at my to do list or create a new one. I'm great with lists, but terrible at accomplishing everything on them. Sometimes I'll use this time to watch a little TV. I only get 3 hours of TV time on weekdays so I'm always planning out my TV time early so that if there is something on later that I want to watch I have time to do that.

At 10am I go wake KnyghtMare and start his coffee. During this time I will unload the dishwasher or load it again. Once his coffee is made I let him know it is ready. He won't get up for another 30-40 minutes yet so I usually start in on the household chores. I am responsible for all of the chores. I always start with the kitchen and make sure it looks nice and clean. Then I move on to the bathroom and living room. The bedroom is last on my list because KnyghtMare is usually still in there.

I'm not a great housekeeper. It's something I still am learning and perfecting. I'm better than I was but not as good as I want to be.

Once KnyghtMare crawls out of bed I'll go make the bed and pick up the clothing and toys that are left out. On Tuesdays I start the laundry. On Wednesdays I tend to put together the meal plan and grocery list. Wednesday is errand day.

While KnyghtMare drinks his coffee I tend to bombard him with questions about the bills that need paying or the chores that need doing or what he might want on the grocery list. I've been told numerous times that I need to not do that as he's not a morning person but I just can't learn that lesson.

KnyghtMare goes to his office to work around 11am and I make sure to not bother him as he gets into his work mindset. By now I'm usually finishing up the housework and can sit to plan my own work for the day. At noon KnyghtMare usually asks for more coffee.

"Your coffee Master." "Thank you slut."

And then it's time for me to make my lunch. It is rare that KnyghtMare and I would eat the same thing for lunch as I like a lot of different things and lunch is the time I can indulge in them. He won't be eating till almost 2pm anyway. At lunchtime I watch a bit more TV and do some knitting or other crafts.

Frequently through the day we check in with each other. It could be just a hug and kiss or it could be sex. It really just depends on the day.

I try to be available for KnyghtMare around 2pm during his lunch break if he wishes for sex or attention. Most of the time it is lunch and then gaming before he goes back to working.

The afternoon for me is spent writing for Submissive Guide, researching kink related topics and goofing off. I waste a lot of time on twitter and FetLife during my afternoons. If I have some cooking preparation to do I do that in the afternoons too. This is the time I make bread, freezer cooking or cutting up vegetables. I work best in spurts so I take turns with writing and other chores.

About 3pm Master will want coffee again.

"Your coffee Master." "Thank you slut."

I start to pay more attention to him too. I guess it is related to my inability to concentrate on my afternoon work. I wander into his office frequently.

"May I come in Master?" "Yes you may."

He likes knowing that I'm not far from him if he were to need something. He continues to work intil 6pm or so. By then I had better have dinner ready.

Dinner is usually a meat and potatoes sort of thing. That's what makes him the happiest. I make up his plate and let him know that dinner is ready. We eat together and talk about whatever comes to mind. The evening is pretty relaxed. We watch TV, he plays PC games, I get some knitting done and blog in my personal journal.

More coffee, but never after 10pm.

We try to reconnect sexually after dinner and our best kinky adventures happen at night. It's not everyday but most days.

I get the dishes in the dishwasher before bedtime. My bedtime is 10:30pm. He's flexible with it if I ask for additional time but I have to have a good reason to stay up. Just as I have my mornings alone, he has the evenings.

That's about it for my average day. I hope you can see that even 24/7 relationships don't have to have a lot of things going on. I'm always his submissive and he is always my Master. All other hats are worn over these. That's it. That's our life. Day in and day out.