We talk about subspace a lot in our descriptions of play and scenes we may get into. As an experienced submissive I tend to forget that moment early on when I wanted so badly to experience subspace but had absolutely no clue how to get there or if I would know I had reached it in the first place.

What I learned, and I'm teaching you today is how you can try to reach subspace. No matter how hard it is for you in the past there is a way for you to experience some or all of what subspace has to offer. So let's refresh our memory for a moment on what subspace is. Subspace is the trance-like, out-of-body-like, floaty good feelings that submissives can get lost in during play or service. Pain or intense sensation is not required to reach sub space and many submissives have enjoyed sub space without knowing what it is.

So, some of the symptoms of subspace include:

  • Lightheaded
  • Disassociated from reality
  • Inability to speak
  • Slow reactions to sensation, including pain
  • Difficulty in comprehending speech or direction
  • Intense pleasure
  • Out of body sensations
  • Hyperactivity
  • Child-like behavior
  • Giggling
  • Loss of Time
  • Sense of peace or tranquility

You may have different responses to subspace and then you may also recognize some of the ones listed as feelings you've had in the past and thought it was just normal responses to the play. In fact, subspace is a normal reaction but so many times I read as if it's the holy grail of playing.

It's not. You shouldn't seek subspace as the end all, be all of playing. The connection or the sensations should be what you are seeking.

As a masochist, I prefer not to enter subspace for every scene. I've talked about this before in my processing pain series, but when I enter sub space my responses to pain are lessened and I can't feel them as much. This is a hindrance for my pleasure from the pain. It also detracts from the play for my sadist top as he is unable to feed off of my responses if they are slower or non-existent.

How can you touch subspace?

Learn to meditate and try to meditate during play. Relax and concentrate on your breathing. Let all of your muscles go. Finding that happy center will aid the endorphins through your system and will eventually allow you to feel the euphoria that others call subspace. For some people it takes take a lot of time, others, very little. The factors are limitless.

If meditation isn't a good direction for you, then try intensity. A lot of times, subspace comes about as a reactive and protective measure for intense sensation. Try to absorb a highly intense scene as quickly as possible. Overload your system with sensation. This could be pain or pleasure, it doesn't matter. The adrenaline will cause your heart to race and you may go into a hyperactive state where subspace can settle in.

So what do you do if you don't think you've ever reached subspace? Ask your Top. They watch you throughout the scene and can tell when your body and responses change. I've lost time before because I didn't know I was in subspace.

Once in subspace there is very little you can do. Your Top may stop play and allow you to float in that space for awhile. They may shock you out of that space so they can continue with play at any time (A pinch between the toes works great for that.) You should negotiate before play what the top is to do if you reach subspace.

You can get "drunk" on subspace so be careful if you are expected to drive home afterward. It is best to allow your body to normalize before you attempt anything dangerous like driving or even walking home. You might need as little as 30 minutes or upwards of 1 hour to come out of subspace enough to feel confident in your ability to respond and react correctly. This is a part of playing safely!

Finally, as I've said before, don't make the scene all about reaching subspace or you could be disappointed.

Do you have a recipe for accessing subspace? Is there something that always does it for you?