It can be quite obvious what the goal of orgasm on command training is, but there are so many things you can do with that goal to make it interesting and exciting for everyone involved. I'm going to talk about a few things that I learned about while doing the research for my own training, which is still ongoing and boy are we having fun with it!

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So what can you do with the training that goes beyond orgasm on command? It's definitely not a one-trick pony if you can use your imagination.

Verbal Cues

The most common goal is to orgasm by verbal command. This is a word or short phrase that triggers the orgasm. It's not just the words though, or it would work when everyone said them. If you've ever said, "it's not what he said, it's how he said it," that's what works here. Your Dominant has a tone of voice that makes you melt, and he's going to learn to use that tone when training you to orgasm on command.

KnyghtMare has a very commanding tone when he’s giving the command for me to orgasm and if he were to say the same word in casual speech it wouldn’t work. It works because of the way he says it.

Visual Cues

A less common way to cue is by a visual cue. Seeing your Dominant with that look in his eyes is hot but seeing a hand motion or a touch on the ear that means you will come can be sexy too. Learning a visual cue comes after the verbal one. Another example of a visual cue would be seeing a certain number of fingers in an unusual pattern. I don't think I'd do well with visual clues since I'm terrible at paying attention anyhow, but I'd love to see it in action someday.

To add a visual clue to your training, try using your verbal clue at the same time and then over time, remove the verbal clue until you can associate the hand motion or touch with the command.


I love the idea of a specific touch or tap on my arm that would get me to orgasm. I imagine it would be like an electric shock to my system that would send me sky high. With a touch, it has to be more than one tap or touch, or it won't work well since people are touchy, and we tend to bump into people randomly as well. It has to be a controlled touch pattern. Touching is definitely more intimate if you need that as a part of your experience.


I have to admit this seems like the most cliche, but probably the most well-used form of orgasm on command training because it uses a similar principle to hypnosis. A countdown can be used many ways, but again you have to remember that it isn't just the numbers that matter, but the person saying them and the tone they use. So, anyone randomly counting down won't work. It could also work if you count down in another language.


Imagine orgasming when you hear a person snap three times, or a dog training clicker or a whistle. It can be done, and if you are into pet play or animal play, then it could be quite useful for your training. What other sounds do you imagine would work for your situation?

Different Orgasms for Different Strokes

Women will often tell you that we have more than one type of orgasm. I can list off at least 4 different orgasm states for my body. Now imagine if you could train words, sounds, touches or other cues for each one? It is possible with the right person and an intensive training routine.

I recommend that you start with your easiest orgasm to achieve before you try to move on to another one. I'd have to leave orgasm by penetration to last because that is the hardest for me to get. I can only imagine the exhaustive training that will go into that one if the Dominant wants to do that!

Just when you thought that one orgasm was fun, you get trained to do multiple types! You will need to learn different signals for each orgasm that is taught. And reinforcing the others while you learn the new one can cause cross-confusion, so it's delicate work. With the right combination of trust and openness, it can happen.

So what else can you do with orgasm on command training? If you are into public humiliation what about having orgasms at the bar? Just the power that your Dominant holds over you are strong enough to let it happen anywhere, at any time.

Multiple submissives

My Dominant has another submissive that is also interested in orgasm on command training. He would like to train us both to have the same cue and have our own personal signals. This way if we are all together, he can make us both orgasm at the same time, or individually. Talk about a fun time!

Concerns of De-programming

Not all relationships are meant to last. So what happens if the relationship ends after you are trained to orgasm to his voice? Well, since the relationship ends, likely, you won't feel his dominance or power over you anymore, and it will break the magic. It might not be immediate, but without the reinforcement of the training, it will fade, and you will go back to orgasming as usual (i.e., without cues). This form of training is based on trust, so if you no longer trust them, that breaks the spell.

Really the sky is the limit with orgasm training and as long as you are patient and consistent with your efforts you can be rewarded!