When we learn about pain processing in relation to play and scenes with our sadist partner it's always a good idea to understand negative processing methods. The things that make handling pain and enjoying longer sessions harder and sometimes impossible. Hopefully, you've learned about your own negative methods in the previous video. Today we'll talk about the ways that work well for processing pain, getting to subspace more often and enjoying pain as pleasure if you are wired for that.

First, there are two common methods to positively process pain. Dispersion and Release are more like titles for a range of positive techniques.


When you use dispersion, you take the pain and move it around. You spread the pain further so that the intensity reduces as it goes on. This works for both impact and sudden pain as well as steady pain such as nipple clamps or tight bondage. In dispersion you visualize the pain moving from the focal point and spread out in softer and softer intensity the further from the center it gets.


Letting go of the pain after you've collected it in your body is the last step to any positive technique. It can work in many ways that you relieve yourself of the pain and in the process feed the sadist with your reactions.  Wiggling, vocalizations and tensing muscles and relaxing them are ways a bottom commonly releases pain.


In the video post introduction, I talked about a few common natural ways we deal with pain and the first way you know, from the moment we are born is acceptance. We know no other way but to accept pain. It's not until we grow and learn from society what is expected of us that we develop different ways to handle pain; some positive and some negative.

As you can probably guess, if we do things in an order we'll get the most out of the pain process. Because in this situation, you want to experience the pain. It's a part of the session, right? The first step is to re-adopt acceptance as our first pain processing method, then move that to disperse the pain throughout our body and finally a positive release mechanism. This is the most beneficial way to get the most out of any pain play scene where the enduring pain isn't about sucking it down and straining through it but allowing it to fill us and build the endorphins and intensify the adrenaline output. Those are a few of the feel-good chemicals that we aim for during play.

What is a simple way to use this method?

Breathe deeply at the onset of the impact or pain, visualize the pain as light and spread it out across your body like a water drop ripples in a pond. Then when you are ready to release it, moan and exhale forcefully.

What other ways do you know of that are positive pain managing techniques?