About a year ago I was challenged with a question, "Could I make a flogger out of anything?" This got me thinking, and I was inspired by another blogger who posted that they had made a flogger out of duct tape (blog now defunct). I could do that! And I did. Follow along as I show you how I took this:

and made this:

Duct tape comes in so many wonderful colors now doesn't it!? For the one in the picture I used red and silver but really any colors would work. There are several different ways you can make the tails depending on how you want the flogger to feel. Try a few different ways and pick your favorite!

Supplies: Duct tape, any size wood dowel.

Tools: hand saw, light grit sandpaper.

Step one: Mark and cut the dowel to your desired length. This will be the inner core of the handle. KM prefers 7-8" handles. Sand the sawed ends of the handle until they are smooth.

Step two: Decide on a length for the tails. 18-22" is common. Pull a strip of duct tape to that length and rip. Apply this strip horizontally on the table in front of you. This will be your guide for the rest of the flogger tails.

Step three: Pull strips of tape and fold them onto themselves in whatever thickness you'd like. I prefer tri-fold width of about 1/2 inch. It will take some practice to minimize wrinkles and creases while folding. Try to keep the tension on the tape as you press and work slowly.

Step four: Once you have the number of strips that you want for the tails, pull another strip of tape a little longer than your guide strip. Lay it tacky side up on the table and press the ends of the tails onto the strip, leaving about half the tape exposed.  If you have more tails than tape, just pull another piece and keep going.

Step five: Begin wrapping this new strip with the tails attached onto one end of the wood dowel. Roll it up carefully and tightly. You want to try to prevent the tails from laying exactly on top of another, they fly through the air better when staggered.

Step six: If you want a handle to hang your flogger by, pull another strip of tape and fold it like the tails. Fold over in a loop, tape to the other end of the handle. Cut off excess.

Step seven: Wrap the handle starting at the tails and work your way up at an angle to cover the handle.

Step eight: To make the slip stops at the top and bottom of the handle, pull and fold 2 more pieces of tape using your guide strip. Roll one tightly around the tails portion of your handle and affix it with tape. Repeat for the top portion.  Apply a second layer of handle tape as in step seven.

Step nine: Trim ends of tails even or to your liking. Add knots if you wish. Enjoy!

This flogger is not a heavy impact toy, as you might guess. Master has used it successfully as a light toy or a mind fuck toy. This think makes a huge rushing sound as it's swung and can make a vulnerable bottom feel like all hell will rain down upon them in a moment. Looking for something a little different? Try braiding the tails together, adding knots or pieces of leather in the bottoms.

Thoughts to Ponder

  1. Will you try to make this flogger?
  2. Do you craft any of your toys/tools? What is your favorite one that you've made?
  3. If you don't craft, what's keeping you from trying?
  4. What would you like to see a tutorial on for future DIY?