Hi luna,

My Sir has tasked me with researching and carrying out CBT.  I have no experience with it and am looking for a how-to.  Honestly I'm afraid of hurting him and need to be confident when this happens...maybe watch a video so I know what to expect?  I have found some information; do you have any good resources you can direct me to? Thank you!

Hi there!

I have some excellent information and resources that can help you learn the ins and outs of CBT. For those of you who don't know the abbreviation, CBT stands for Cock and Ball Torture. It's a form of genital play on men. It often involves pain or bondage, but can also be sensual. Here's a basic article for those of you curious to know more.

I know you are concerned of hurting him but part of it will be painful - that's just they way of the play involved. Thankfully this is a common kink so you'll find all sorts of information, groups and books on the kink. Your best resource will be your partner. As you start play make sure you have him communicate what is working and what isn't. I'm pretty certain he knows his genitals well and can tell you if something is a good pain or a bad pain. You can alter your play accordingly.

Now, on to other resources and guides that I can recommend:

 Videos on CBT on Kink Academy (affiliate links)

The Most Recommended Books on Genital Play and Torment - Family Jewels and More Family Jewels