It's been awhile since I've reviewed a book here on Submissive Guide and this one has come recommended from readers. You want to know if this one is worth buying! Let's get down to it.

Living M/s: A Book for Masters, slaves and Their Relationships*

 is written by Dan and Dawn Williams of The Erotic Awakening Podcast. The book is a direct and invasive look into how their relationship developed and works in an everyday world. It's written as a compilation of essays by Dan and Dawn separately on a myriad of topics related to a power exchange relationship.

First, this book isn't your average paperback sized book. They printed it full size 192 pages and the text is easily readable with a lot of white space before and after each essay. It's definitely not one you can tuck in your purse or small bag easily. Not really a big deal for a lot of you.

Inside the book, each essay is titled much like the posts on this blog are so that you know what you will be reading about. I can't say it's like chapters since the book isn't developed in traditional chapters but rather section headings. It's quite interesting actually the way it is organized with the voices of Dan and Dawn weighing in on M/s topics. One of my favorite quotes from the beginning of the book came from Dan:

"Some of us take a loving relationship and add a layer of power exchange to it. My slave and I took a power exchange relationship and added love to it (a small difference, you might say, but a significant one)."

I related to that quote because that's much like what KnyghtMare and I have done only he voiced it better than I could have. I like that Dan addresses how emotions change the way the relationship works but not the basis of the power exchange. There are so many parts of this book that I have annotated and underlined my favorite parts I don't doubt you'll find some you enjoy also.

I loved the sections on slave qualities, responsibilities, and expectations and thought the collaring and contract sections were just as informative. The authors do a wonderful job of giving you a realistic look at slavery without completely destroying some of our fantastical ideas surrounding it. M/s can be beautiful and successful; this book shows you just how much work is put into it.

Looking for the Dominant side of the equation? Dan and Dawn cover that quite well too. The sections on discipline and punishment and how the strength of and qualities of a Dominant shine in the health of the dynamic.

Seriously people, if you want to read about a real couple living as Master and slave and doing so successfully, happily and well then you definitely want to pick this one up.

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