Every few months I take a look at what BDSM related books readers of the Submissive Guide community are buying at Amazon (according to the reports Amazon give us from our affiliate program*). Today I spent some time digging into the purchases of BDSM books and have compiled the following breakdown of best selling books and some odds and ends that surprised us.


  Conquer Me: girl-to-girl wisdom about fulfilling your submissive desires

I have always highly recommended this book on Submissive Guide. When I first read it I was amazed at how similar the author and I think. Kacie Cunningham does a fantastic job putting submission into realistic common sense terms that you can fit into your life. You can read the review of this book on Submissive Guide, but don't take just my word for it. Read the reviews on Amazon.com also!

Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission

Not only is this one of the first books available about BDSM, but it is the only book I enjoy reading the case studies more than the information surrounding them. You get to know real people and understand what it is to be a BDSM practitioner from these stories. I have a dog-eared copy on my bedside table.

Erotic Slavehood: A Miss Abernathy Omnibus

I don't know a single submissive with a bit of experience that doesn't know about this book or own their very own copy. The lessons and training exercises were where I came up with the idea of ecourses here on Submissive Guide and plan to do much more in the near future. I do the lessons off and on on my personal blog and love how it continues to make me think with each read through.

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism

If you ask 100 people what the best book for novices is, you'll get an overwhelming vote for Screw the Roses. I bought this book way back in 1995 and have loved it and referred to it numerous times since then. I bring it to every presentation I give and every demo on a play activity. It's just that helpful. The diagrams for impact on the body is permanently creased on that page so that it just falls open to it. You'll love it too.

The Control Book

Great books are hard to come by. This book does an excellent job revealing how control based relationships work and how you too can be a power to be reckoned with in your power based relationship. Peter Masters is an excellent author and this book is worth every penny. If you like the psychology behind why and how we do what we do, this is definitely the book you'll want to pick up.

 The Loving Dominant

A comprehensive, accessible book about D/s that I've ever known. John Warren does a wonderful job applying his knowledge into an introductory look into power exchange relationships and the activities that encompass it. He combines the physical with the emotional and mental exchanges that make the life so rich and full.

The New Bottoming Book

Are you a bottom, submissive, slave or masochist? Then this book is a great starting place to understanding your needs, desires and how to get them fulfilled in this new age of technology. You aren't a freak, but if you want to let your freak flag fly then I won't stop you. Pick up a copy of this book!

Curious, Very Curious

There are some other rather interesting things you've been buying through the affiliate links. Here are some of the surprises I've seen this year.

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