This is a video post about no limits slavery - or rather, why I think it doesn't exist.

Last month Rayne wrote a post about how she lives in a no limits slavery relationship and how it works for her. I like that she covered a few of the common challenges to her way of life and if you haven't read it, I recommend you run off and do so.

I don't intend for this post to bash or challenge people who are living in what they call a no limits relationship. I'm sure that Rayne will see it for what it is; a varying viewpoint. In all things there are extremes, right? Many take the idea of no limits to the far extreme that Rayne describes; that Dominants will do harmful things to their property or place them in situations that are illegal or physically dangerous and the slave quietly obeys because that is what they were born to do.

For me, there will always be limits. I can see when a slave says they honestly don't have any limits they truly believe that they don't. And it very well could be the case. But turn around and talk to the Dominant and they will be able to list things that they would never do with their property - be it because they don't get off on it or because they value their property enough to not want to harm them. This for me is why no limits slavery does not exist. A Dominant is going to place limits on what they will engage in with their slave. The slave may not have to be aware that these things are on the limit list but the simple fact is, that they do exist.

Slaves that say they are no limits are right in their beliefs, but wrong in the purest sense of the word. Sure if one-day KnyghtMare said to me that he wanted to do age play, for example, even though we have never expressed interest in doing it I would try my hardest to please him because that is what makes me happy. But knowing that age play is a limit for him doesn't make my limits more expansive. I'm still bound by his limits in what we engage in. Thus I could never be a no limits slave. And I'd wager we could change theĀ identificationĀ of no-limits slavery if we understood that simple point.

My limits are my Dominant's limits. That does not make me no limits. If I were released and went searching again for a Dominant, I could not say I was no limits because negotiation would certainly find that there are limits. Perhaps not my own, but my partner's limits.

What do you think of no limits slavery? How far do you think someone would go before they realized they needed to protect themselves? Would you be a drug carrier? What about gaining 100 lbs? Would you do it just to please them even if it meant possible jail time or health issues?