I said before I'm a "no limits" slave.  Bring on the barrage of "What if your master wanted to cut your arm off?" type questions.

There are few scenarios related to what most would consider safe and sane kink that I will attempt to avoid, but when it comes right down to it, if The Man wants me to do it, I'll bend to his will before I'll take the beating.  There are a great many scenarios most would not consider safe and sane kink that I would gladly engage in.  There are some that I will slam on the breaks for all I'm worth, and hope like hell M will snap out of it and realize he just took a break from reality for a second.  Mostly things that will hinder my ability to serve him, like dismemberment, or death.  But in the case of emergency, I have the right, if not responsibility, to assess him as "absolutely off his rocker" and point out how unrealistic he's being... within reason.

For example, M's a pretty smart guy.  He knows that a toilet is covered with nasty bacteria and germs.  Even directly after it's cleaned.  I know he's smart enough to know that.  So if he said to me, "Rayne, get down there and lick that toilet.", I better get down there and lick that toilet, not stand there going, "But... uh... Master?... You see... Toilets are nasty.  I'm not sure it's a good idea for me to be licking one."

I'd be picking myself up off the floor after having my face rubbed all over the toilet, and maybe even dunked a few times.

But! If he says something like, "Strip and walks through the projects in New York City." I'm fully allowed to say, "Uh... Master?... Don't you think that might get me killed? Are you honestly interested in me dying tonight?" while I'm looking up prices for train tickets to New York City.

Course, if he says yes, I'll know he's lost his mind, and I'll knock him over the head with the closest hard thing and drag him to the ER.

Though I've known a couple people who find dangerous situations like that to be incredibly arousing.  If it was somehow a controlled setting, it might be fun.  But just some random street with a bunch of strangers? He'd have to be crazy to consider it.

Anyway, "no limits slavery", as defined by our dynamic, simply means that I have given up the right to control what is done to me or with me.  I have turned that control over to Master.

But it wasn't always that way.

We started with a safe word and a pretty rigid contract.  And eventually, after a lot of conversation, and even more experimentation, and boundary testing, and at least a year or more, I told M I didn't want the safe word anymore.

And this is my suggestion to anyone new to kink.  Start small.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Everything worth having takes hard work.  Get the picture?

(Yes, we see.)

Fifty cool points to the first person who can tell me what song that's from.

I know some people turn their noses up at safe words and contracts.  I understand their reasons for thinking they're hokey.  I mean, they're right.  There is no guarantee other than trust.  And the idea that a submissive will remember a safe word when he or she is in a place that they can't form the words to articulate what's wrong is a little... unbelievable.

And you know, who knows? Even when I had a safe word, I had a habit of just saying, "Hey, the rope's pinching.", or "My hand is gonna fall off if you don't loosen that a little.", or "Holy Great Purple Cabbage! Cramp! CRAMP!!!" But that's partly because in our relationship using my safe word stopped the scene altogether.  It kind of made me wish, once upon a time, that we had the stoplight system, but "Ow! Damn it! You're yanking my shoulder out of the socket!" always works just fine.