This week's video post is about Velcro collars.

To submissives, a collar is one of the most important things they have. It is a symbol of their commitment, their service and their adoration of a special someone. In most situations, the offering or begging of a collar is not taken lightly. The weight of the matter could mean a lifetime of service, the same importance of engagement or marriage and strict adherence to rules and behaviors.

However, just as there are people who go through mates like tissues, there are submissives and Dominants alike that use Velcro collars. These collars have practically no meaning to them and they hand them out or give them back without so much as a blink of the eye.

It is believed that the use of a collar like this can cheapen the meaning and symbolism for those people who hold the collar and its meaning in high regard to those of the community if so many others are seen to be passed around from one person to the next.

This really goes along with my thoughts on the Disposable Relationship. Too many people aren't taking relationships seriously anymore. The value of anything to do with partnership and couples working together has diminished. We've become a satisfaction now society. No consequences. It's just sad.

Now back to Velcro collars.... They exist mainly online, but it's not uncommon to find one or two people in your local community that seem to bounce around the group 'collecting' collars. Every time you see them they are collared to someone new. Wearing a collar becomes a game to them.

How does this impact the symbolism? In my opinion, it doesn't. The symbolism of the collar is developed by your own beliefs. Just as the wedding ring means one thing or another to someone, so does the collar. Do someone else's many marriages impact the value of your marriage? Of course, it doesn't.

Being someone who hands out or receives collars that would define them as Velcro would only impact the particular person. Sure it could make them appear needy or desperate or in the least, inexperienced.

I know that for myself, wearing a collar and being collared is the most sacred thing in our relationship. I know that if I weren't committed to the relationship that the collar wouldn't even be a part of our lives.

What do you think? Are velcro collars affecting the overall symbolism of collars in our society?