I've noticed on almost every website I've visited that in almost all cases, there are certain "feelings" involved between Doms and their subs. I, however, do not have those feelings for Sir. Yes, I trust Him with my life, and I know if I ever need anything I can call on Him, but I don't LOVE Him. Is this normal or am I just messed up?



You are not messed up. Many submissives do need there to be a bond beyond the D/s or M/s dynamic for them to feel complete. Just because you don't, doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with you or your relationship. Some submissives just need or want the structure and guidance, or just want a Dominant that will enjoy and appreciate their service. This is quite common for what is considered an Alpha submissive/slave who has a strong disposition. Honestly, when it comes to normality, our lifestyle tends to not be part of that category, so don't worry about normalcy. If it works for you and your Dominant, that is all that matter. Good luck on your journey.