This is a continuation of the series on the most common forms of service in a D/s relationship. The forms are:

  1. Transactional
  2. Devotional
  3. Positional
  4. Situational

Today I'm going to talk about situational service. Situational service encompasses what I called conditional service. You serve only when presented with a specific set of circumstances, thus the situation is perfect for your service. This could be that you only submit on the weekends, or that you serve best when directed to do x, y, and z.

What makes this different from transactional service is that the need to 'get something in return' is negligible. The pull to serve in this instance is the desire to have the situation return. Given perhaps that you only play on the weekends you would be looking forward to the situation to arise that Friday would come and you can serve again.

Situational service isn't restricted to the weekenders or the casual player. Submissives in a lifestyle based relationship can also go through situational service that would be different or above and beyond what is normally expected of them. Take, for example, that you are planning a dinner party for lifestyle friends. You find yourself thoroughly enjoying the planning and implementation of the dinner party more than you would a regular dinner. The way you serve your Dominant for this special event is considered situational service. And I can be sure that you would look forward to the next time you can serve in that way - even to suggest another dinner party real soon!

The very idea that this form of service is based on special circumstances can also apply to high protocol situations, or times that you bring out your very best behavior and the D/s dynamic becomes more defined.

I'm not saying that this form of service just happens with the situation arises. In fact, that' s far from it. Situational service requires preparation, awareness, and anticipation. You can not slip into situational service merely by being in the right place at the right time (That's positional service and will be discussed later.) The beauty of some ritual can be from situational service. That pull to serve because the ritual brings you more in focus is an exemplary use of your service.

What do you think of situational service? Do you have a different idea? I'd love to hear your comments about service in this way!