Today's task is to learn an appropriate pose to take when apologizing for wrong-doing. If you need to review the past posts in this series, please take a look at the leading post.

This position is hopefully something you don't have to do often but since we are all human, it is going to happen. I've had my own missteps and misbehavior that has landed me over his lap or chastised in another way. This position would certainly be helpful for me in my need to feel forgiven.

How do you want to appear when asking forgiveness? Is there a position that draws you from what we've already learned for use during apologies? Would you prefer standing or kneeling? What would your Dominant want from you?

Try It

  1. Kneel, head lowered with whatever hand position you feel would express your apology best.
  2. Express your apology in a clear and concise voice.
  3. Stay in that position until your Dominant gives you permission to move.

Another option may be to lay flat on your back with your hands either extended in front of you or clasped behind your back. This may be best done when no vocal apology is required or they have plans for punishment that require your immobility.

How do you show your Dominant that you are sorry? Is it in word and deed?