Welcome to the first day of an entire month of ideas to improve your domestic service. The things we'll cover pertain to home care and as I'm not perfect, some of it will be sharing my challenges and things I've learned as I embraced the stay at home slave role 7 years ago.  A few of my goals then and still are now, is that I reduce the amount of money I spend since I'm not making the money we live on. I learned to budget and save money everywhere I can. I learned to cook from scratch the things we were constantly buying and they are better for it. I'm learning to recycle and reuse items, small repairs for household items and many other ways to make caring for the home easier and more organized.

The key to this whole month isn't to bombard you with information that you have to implement. Take what you want from each day and learn how to make it work for you. If you've already started to build your home management to your liking, don't start over. Don't think you have to start with a perfectly cleaned home, or an organized kitchen. I don't want you to feel inadequate or frustrated that you aren't at the beginning.

Start where you are.

Baby steps are the key to successful, repeatable changes and developing new routines. We'll be talking about a lot of new ideas that you can use or discard. You don't have to do everything to make something work for you. So remember we're going to pick up what you are already doing to maintain and manage your home and make it simpler, easier, more organized, more together, more  whatever you wish from it.


Look around you home and start thinking about the things you'd like to change. Do you always have a pile of laundry or papers on a specific table or chair? Are you tired of never knowing what's in your cupboards or what to fix for dinner? Maybe you'd like to get into a better cleaning routine that doesn't leave everything to a single day of the week. Perhaps the budget is what needs revision. Or just maybe you're getting started in home care and need some idea of how to get things done.

Make a list of all the things you'd like to change about how you are currently caring for your home or things you'd like to start doing better.  Think about the reasons and excuses these things are they way they are now and what you might be able to do to begin changing them. I will, of course, be providing you suggestions, ideas and tips but you have to invest the time to make the changes necessary to your own service. Are you ready for that?

If domestic service isn't a part of your overall submission, don't sweat it. You don't have to be a domestic servant to want a cleaner home, an organized pantry, more room in the budget or a meal plan to follow. So come along and pick up a tip or two - and leave a few of your own. We're in this together for the next 31 days.

I'll see you tomorrow where we'll take the first step.