Hello all! I have compiled a fun, useful list for you guys today!

I have been looking for the “popular” notebooks that have been used to journal. There are so many notebooks out there and I am sure that I couldn’t possibly name  every single one of them but I have come up with a list of some well suited ones for all you newbie journalers out there that may not know where to start.

First off,

I would like to say that you will probably be tempted to go out and buy a big fancy notebook because you see all the other kids with them. But you may want to try out journaling first with something that you already have on hand just to see if it is worth your investment. You can use any ole notebook for this! Really, ANY!

Trust me, journaling doesn’t require you to have specialty paper and a fountain pen. These things are lovely and having a good quality notebook is important if you plan to stick with it because you will want to preserve your memories but they are not necessary. So first, try it out to make sure you like it,  then invest. Here are some amazing journal options!

  1. Leuchetterm1917 - This comes in many wonderful colors. Has two page markers, numbered pages, and index and a pocket in the back. Also comes in dot, graph, lined and blank paper. Has both hard and soft-cover options.
  2. Moleskine - There are many options for moleskine journals. Hard, soft and paper-covers, dot, graph, lined, and blank paper, pre-made planners and specialty designs including star wars, peanuts, Alice in wonderland and batman. The grid goes all the way to the edge, which is nice. It has a back pocket and one page marker. The specialty notebooks only have lined pages and I have only been able to find the dot-grid paper in a soft cover. You can find them at Barnes and Noble, Target (generally), The  Moleskine website or the link above to Amazon.
  3. Rhodia - A quite beautiful breed of black and orange notebooks that come in almost every option. Reporter, spiral, bound, soft, rigid, large, small, dot, graph, lined and blank. Great paper quality and available at Barnes and Noble and some art stores, or you can follow the above link to their website.
  4. Piccadilly - Comes in grid (not dot), lined and blank paper and has hard, soft and paper cover options. It has a back pocket and one page marker. The notebooks are very similar to the Moleskine books and come at lower prices and the paper quality in the notebooks is wonderful!  You can find them at Barnes & Noble, the  Piccadilly website or click the above link to Amazon.
  5. Miguel Ruis - They are mostly flexible covers but I have seen a couple hard covered notebooks and spiral bound notebooks as well. Available in graph, lined or blank and a variety of colors. The most popular option I seen has been the 600 page flexible graph book. Which you can also find at Barnes and Noble or the above website.
  6. Midori Traveler's Notebook - There are  so many options out there for these journals. Covers and notebooks alike. For inserts you can find the original one on the website (above link) then about a million options on Etsy or you can make your own inserts.
  7. Handmade notebooks (from Etsy) - The wide variety and creativity of many of these options will leave you browsing for hours. You can pick and choose your paper type, covers, binding, colors and so much more with a handmade notebook that you can't do with a manufactured one.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of choices for you to look through to find the journal that works for you and your situation. Don't be afraid to pick a few of them, skip to a new one if the current one you are using isn't making you feel excited about journaling and don't worry about messing it up! It's your journal, let it speak for you.