Submissive Reflection: A Journey of Rediscovery is a workbook designed to build a clear picture of what your personal submission looks like and how to be the best submissive you can possibly be.

Have you ever wondered if you’re living up to your full potential as a submissive?

Do you want to understand how your past shapes your future?

Would you like to take the next steps to build or rebuild your life, find a Dominant or explore new things?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and need help figuring out how to take care of your submissive self?

Discovering your submissive nature isn’t always a sudden process. For many people, it takes some soul-searching to see that you may enjoy when someone asks you to do something and you happily do it without a second thought. For others, it takes some social reprogramming to allow your full nature to come out.

Submissive Reflection: A Workbook is a perfect guide to helping you do that soul-searching and to really pinpoint where you are in your submissive journey right now. You’ll gain understanding about how your personality, past relationships and inner code of ethics work together to define your submissive identity. Whether you have a partner or not, this workbook has the tools and knowledge to help you understand your place in submission.

You will adopt simple methods to take care of yourself and to nurture your submission through grooming and self-care tasks such as journaling, affirmations, and goal-setting.

Embrace who you are and what your past relationships can teach you about the type of Dominant you are seeking.

Your submissive mindset is everything. And if you’ve lost your way, I want to help you find your way back. Let’s discover it together!

What's Inside?

  • Five chapters of articles and activities to keep you moving into deeper thought processes.
  • 30 activities and worksheets to help you learn and grow in submission.
  • Growth through self-care like grooming, journaling, and introspection.
  • Write a Code of Ethics, use affirmations and mind-maps to help you build your knowledge about yourself and your belief systems.
  • Come away knowing more about who you are now, and the submissive you desire to be!


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